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Day of Action in Solidarity with prisoner John Bowden

londonabc | 16.06.2012 15:23 | Policing | Repression

London ABC and friends visit the Parole Board.

Monday 11th of June was day of action in solidarity with long term anarchist prisoner John Bowden. In response to the recent attempts of prison-hired social worker Brenden Barnett to sabotage John’s parole, London ABC called a demonstration outside the parole board’s office at Grenadier House, Horseferry Road. The front desk said they wouldn’t help us, so we stood outside with a banner, flyering passers by and asking to speak to someone from the parole board about John’s case. In the end we managed to speak to someone. We really hope this shows the parole board and prison ‘services’ that there are people on the outside who are watching what they are doing. Because we are.

Free John Bowden now!

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