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Sentencing From Student and Anti Cuts Protests As Of 10/10/11

LDMG, GBC | 12.10.2011 07:42 | Policing | Repression | Social Struggles | World


Up to date on October 10th 2011 but this will change every week

* This list is the the sentencing results of all known [by LDMG] cases of violent disorder plus a few other cases.
* Another 8 people have pleaded guilty to VD and are due to be sentenced this month, October, though all these cases are awaiting judgements in relation to riot cases as well as appeals of Charlie Gilmour and Frances Fernie that were heard last week.
* There are another 40 plus who have not yet pleaded or are currently preparing for trial after pleading not guilty to violent disorder.
* There are dozens and dozens of others who have either had their charges dropped, accepted cautions or bind-overs.
* There are many other sentences that were not as harsh as many of these below, though no other violent disorder cases that we know about. These were some of the most serious sentences that I have pulled out so far.
* If anyone thinks that having more background info on any of the above cases might help their case or their appeal then please get in touch with LDMG – you can email them at: & / or

Violent disorder sentencing so far from student and anti cuts protests:

21 year old male

Pleaded guilty to violent disorder – broke a window at Millbank during student


Sentenced 5/10/11 – 12 month custodial

No contact details as yet – please keep checking ABC &/or LDMG websites

19 year old male

Pleaded guilty to violent disorder at Millbank – pushing sofa towards window

Sentenced 28/9/11 – 12 month custodial

No contact details as yet – please keep checking ABC &/or LDMG websites


Pleaded guilty to violent disorder

Sentenced 28/9/11 - 6 months custodial suspended for 2 years includes 2 year

supervision order

Please note that there were extenuating circumstances that led to a less harsh sentence

17 year old male

Found guilty of VD at student protests

Sentence 22/9/11 at youth court to – 3 months tag and curfew, 100 hours community service – plus £480 costs.

Many reasons given for non custodial but mainly age and being tried in youth court and having good family support (in court) – they are appealing

22 year old male – Harry Webb

Pleaded guilty to violent disorder March 26th Trafalgar square - police began

unprovoked attack

Sentenced 15/9/11 – 12 month custodial

You can write to him c/o London ABC (Anarchist Black Cross), Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84B Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 7QX

Male - Charlie Gilmour Aged 21

Pleaded guilty to 2 counts of violent disorder on student protests 2010

Sentenced 15/7/11? - to 16 month custodial

You can write to him c/o London ABC (Anarchist Black Cross), Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84B Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 7QX

20 year old male – Frances Fernie

Pleaded guilty to violent disorder from March 26th – threw two placard sticks at a line of fully tooled up riot police

Sentenced 7/7/11 – 12 months custodial.

You can find out where to write to him here:

Male - Edward Woollard

Pleaded guilty to violent disorder at Millbank 110/11/10– dropping object from roof

Sentenced to – 2 years and 8 months custodial

You can write via c/o address here:

Male - Omar Ibrahim

Found guilty of VD on March 26thby a jury. He is currently remanded [by his own request] awaiting sentencing which has been delayed until 28th Oct..

We almost 100% sure that he is at Wandsworth but even if he isn't, we have his prison number and so all letters sent there should reach him eventually: Omar Ibrahim AO253CH, Wandsworth Prison, Heathfield Road, Wandsworth, London, SW18 3HS

A few other non VD sentences

18 year old female - throwing sticks at police lines

Pleaded guilty to Affray from 11/10/10

Sentenced 21/6/11- received 6 weeks custodial suspended for 2 years, 80 hrs unpaid work, tagged curfew for 8 weeks 10pm-5am, and £185 fine and/or costs

21 year old Male

Pleaded guilty to criminal damage on student protests 24/11/10

Sentenced to - 3 months custodial - recommended for deportation after sentence served.


Found guilty of aggravated trespass at Millbank

Sentenced 23/8/11 – 150 hours of community service - tag and curfew from 8pm– 5am until Jan 2012 plus £350 costs


Found guilty of agg tress at millbank -

Sentenced 29/7/11 – 100 hours comm service and £200 costs – judge admitted he caused no damage but was part of larger group that did


Found guilty of two counts of crim damage at treasury on student protests

Sentenced 8/7/11 - to 8 weeks electronic tag and curfew £1,600 and £500 for damage done to window and lampost and £350 costs,


Found guilty of assaulting a police woman when in a kettle on November, trial in the magistrates court 15/9/11. Sentence £750 fine instead of unpaid work, and there are extenuating circumstances that prevented a custodial and the work.



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