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SHAC Second Trial sentences - could have been a hell of a lot worse

Martin Fossy Foster | 25.10.2010 17:24 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Repression | Cambridge | World

Today 6 activists who had plead guilty to either Conspiricy to Blackmail HLS or Conspiricy to interfere with a contractual relationship of an animal research company (SOCPA 145). Were sentenced

We were expecting the worse and it didn't go to badly to be honest.

Sarah Whitehead received a sentence of 6 years (she will be free in two years) plus 10 year ASBO. - she admitted painting cars and houses of animal abusers.

Nicole Vosper 3 years 6 months (she will be free in two weeks time served!!!!!) plus 5 year ASBO - she admitted painting cars and houses of animal abusers.

Tom Harris 4 years (will surve under 2 years) - 5 year ASBO Tom admitted sending two emails to bike back after receiving them through email from a person he didn't know (the emails were about painting cars) and taking part in a loud demo in France which the French police regarded as totally lawful (but the British police didn't).

JJ (Jason Mullen) 3 years (he will be out in about a year) - 5 year ASBO - JJ took part in a office occupation in France that the French police do not regard as unlawful.

Nicci Tapping 15 months (she should be out in just over 4 months) - 5 year ASBO - Nicci admitted taking part in running the SHAC campaigns legal side (organising demos and the office) - she admitted knowing that people (who she did not know) were breaking the law as part of the campaign (that really is it!!!!).

Alfie Fitzpatrick 1 year suspended sentence - 5 year ASBO he admitted taking part in a loud demo in France attended by the French police (the French police did not feel an offence had been committed).

All the other things reported on the tele/papers Hoax bombs, paedophile letters, arson attacks, abusive letters, the tampon in the post were carried out by people either previously convicted (and not part of the actual conspiricy - first or second trial) or never found. The used tampon has DNA evidence however there is no match on the national database. Most of this also occured before the 2005 start date of the charge.

Must the individuals who carried out the above acts are not known to the guys convicted today.

They are being blamed for the entire campaign and not what they individually did, or even had control over.

It must be pointed out as well that Nicci, Alfie and JJ were convicted of SOCPA 145 which has been condemed by Liberty as "politicising the criminal justice system). If they did the things they are accused of against anything other than animal testing they probably wouldn't have even gone to prison!

Martin Fossy Foster
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