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SHAC Solidarity demos

NETCU WATCH | 24.10.2010 12:41 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Repression | Cambridge

To show solidarity with those being sentenced tommorrow and to demonstrate our disgust at the most recent infiltration of our movements please read below

Monday 25th October
Cambridgeshire Police HQ Huntingdon. It is from here that NETCU were spawned and are believed to still operate under Superintendant Steve Pearl's leadership. As it is also the nearest police HQ to HLS and we want to be in that area we are doing a lunchtime demo from 12.00-13.30, longer if people want. Why not turn up later or earlier for a spontaneous demo'?

Harlan beagle breeders who supply many laboratories including HLS just outside of Huntingdon. In this appalling place you can hear the dogs who will be poisoned and cut apart in the labs. We will be there from 14.00-16.00 but again nothing to stop anyone else doing a spontaneous demo at other times. This is difficult to get to but is off the A141 North turn off left onto the B1090 and it is on your right going towards Kings Ripton.

Samhain 31st October 2010
Halloween demo Babraham ,16.00 (but feel free to come earlier) til we all decide to go home after dark, a lab just outside Cambridge on the A1307 please dress up in spooky gear and bring food.

Friday SHAC demos at HLS and in the City please contact SHAC

Mobile contact 07891 639803.

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