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Alexi was not expeled from school as the murderer lawyer said in court

anon1 | 11.12.2008 15:59 | Repression

Alexi was not expeled from school as the murderer lawyer said in court

Special guard: Tough & unrepentant (Despoina Mprousali, Vima, Wednesday evening)

Without a trace of repentance or guilt regarding the murder of the 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos, the special guard Epameinondas Korkoneas testified yesterday to the 9th Magistrate Mr. F. Vlahos. As tough as a "pistolero" & unrepentant as if the student's death was not effectuated by his actions, the 37 year old defendant did not limit himself to rebuting the eyewitnesses[' accounts] which state that he aimed at the 15-year-old & fired with no other precedent than a verbal exchange. He went further by attempting to soil the memory of the person who fell dead from his firearm's shots. In particular, he presented the dead & his group of friends as offsprings of affluent families, for whom Exarchia square was the recreational area of choice & who caused unrest in [football] fields! & he concluded by attributing "deviant behavior" to him!

Epameinondas Korkoneas & his colleague Vasileios Saraliotis - who is a codefendant for simple synergy to voluntary manslaughter [note that the term 'voluntary manslaughter' might not be misleadingly translated] - were both judged fit for detention following their testimonies & with both the Magistrate & the District Attorney agreeing on this point. During their transportation to the Evelpidon Court House, they were being protected by a significant police force which prevented the journalists from entering building 9 where the Magistrate's offices are located. Moreover, [&] as a response to the serial questions on the identity of the person who had ordered this [prevention of entry], the policemen pointed out the superior of the trimember administration [committee] of the Athens Court of First Instance Mr. Kranis who, in turn, pointed to the direction of the person in charge of the police force. The heavy security, though, did not prevent a group of youths hurling molotov bombs at the entrance to the court house, a fact which led to a TV van catching fire.

The attitude of the 11-page long affidavit which E. Korkoneas submitted to the Magistrate has already made its impact felt among law experts. In fact, the following two facts received the most attention from law experts:

- The fact that the special guard does not recall the number of bullets he fired. The defendant spoke of "two warning shots fired in the air" & commented that it's possible that he also fired a third one, since, as he claimed, "I hadn't realized [that], but my codefendant reminded me of it."

- All the insults he hurled at the dead, among which his claim that Alexandros had been expelled from the Moraitis School [a private school in Athens, mostly for the affluent]. Nevertheless, this point has also been negated by the Moraitis School itself which, in an announcement made public yesterday, reports that Alexandros "studied in the Moraitis School from the first grade of primary school until the third grade of secondary school. Following his subsequent graduation from junior high school, his mother - with which the school has always had the best of cooperations - decided, as it often happens, to enroll him in another high school without the [Moraitis] school exerting any influence on the events." Concluding, the Moraitis School remarks that, for the duration of his studies, "Alexandros had exceptional relations with his fellow male & female students, he was particularly loved by the staff, [&] his attitude was very good & reported [in his report card] as most proper (which it also was)."

The 37-year-old special guard claimed, through his affidavit, that he would not aim his gun at a person under any circumstances, "especially not at a teenager, because of the special sensitivity I possess for kids, as I am the father of three underage children." Continuing, he mentioned that, on the fateful day & in the crossroads of Harilaou Trikoupi street & Navarinou street, & while he was cruising in his police car together with his codefendant, "we were attacked from a group of approximately 30 people which kept screamng "cops, you bums, we'll burn you alive."" As explanation for [their choice of] returning on foot [to the point where he later fired], he offered a "group of anarchists" which they followed in order to inform further the Riot Squad in Harilaou Trikoupi street "which was a certain target for the anarchists." & he claimed that the group of youths assumed the offensive with "flares, molotov bombs, marble slates, metal ashtrays & other heavy objects."