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Danish police repress protest in solidarity with greek uprising

Cablefish | 11.12.2008 09:45 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Danish police violently repressed a demonstration as 2-300 people showed their solidarity with the greek uprising. 62 were arrested.

The protest weren't even allowed to leave the square it started on. The police wanted someone to take responsability for the demonstration. However other protesters tried to peacefully walk arround the police barrier. This made the police angry and they started screaming, pushing and raising their batons. Several smaller groups made it out of the square and when they reached the inner city police went to arrest them. This made them somewhat loose control of the situation.

Several groups rejoined at the inner city square Gammeltorv where there were several smaller episodes. The police used their batons when arresting people for walking the wrong place. A protester had his leg run over by a police car. Another police wagon also rammed a bicycler passing by. The police were in general very agressive and violent hitting and pushing wildly. Some protesters responded trowing a few paint balls at the police cars and officers. However there were very little or no violence or property damage from the protesters.

Alltogether 62 people were arrested. According to the police because of vandalism. However none of the coorporate media fotographers have any pictures or any source outside the police confirms this. All have now been released without charges. Confirming what appeared to be the protesters impression that the arrests were only for protesting where the police didn't want them to.

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