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Dublin Mayday : the 3 arrested / detained were UK people

indy travelling circus | 29.04.2004 11:30 | May Day 2004 | Repression | London

The three people arrested on wednesday night in Dublin were uk people. Unconfirmed reports suggest there were two irish arrested as well but they were released. The uk people face probable dentention til 6th may...

Details on the court appearance of 3 people arrested for trespass - which was big news here on the radio and tv.

Rang the Garda Press office. They did not issue a statement wed night, but were willing to confirm that 3 UK nationals were arrested for trespass under the 1994 Public Order Act.

In Dublin District Court yesterday the 3 people were remanded in custody until May 6th by judge Patrick Brady on a bail bond of €450 and Independent Surety of €1500 each. The charges were trespass although gardai stated more serious charges may be brought later.

The 3 people were arrested after a raid on a premises at 41 Leeson St., ‘going on information received’. There could be more serious charges brought later. One of those charged was found in possession of ‘implements of damage’ (yeah poster making equipment, spray cans etc).

It's also been reported in the press that some helmets and mobile's were seized.

The building they were in was supposed to be used for accomodation.

"They have been give consent to bail which they must take up in the next 24 hours under the following conditions:

that they reside at address satisfactory to the Garda
that they sign on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Bridewell Garda Station
that they surrender their passports
that they each give a personal surety of €450, one third of which must be lodged with the court
that they each give an independent surety of €1,500, one third of which must be lodged with the court."

There's apparently an issue regarding their addresses (unconfirmed) in the UK which could affect the granting of bail.

indy travelling circus