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St George's Weekend Video.

Doug. | 24.04.2006 09:33 | SOCPA | Repression | Social Struggles | London

This was a gentle March against the ban on unauthorised public demonstrations in the vicinity of UK Parliament, starting with a rained on picnic at the War Museum, food generously provided by Hare Krishna.

The picnic was joined by cyclists and others who had camped at Runnymede the night before and a speech was given by a member of the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities.

Since it is now deemed an offence to display unauthorised words on banners and placards within the Exclusion Zone, those carried on the March were purposely left blank, for fear of arrest. Two policemen did carefully inspect the placards for possible words at the start of the March.

As the March wended its way to Parliament Square, it was dogged by police as usual, but amazingly no intrusive police cameras this time! Maybe because members of the public and the media, who were watching the Marathon, might interpret such photographing as an oppressive measure unworthy of a self-proclaimed Democracy.

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