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Jailed US Eco-Activist in danger

Anarchist Black Cross (Brighton) | 12.08.2004 11:24 | Ecology | Repression

This emergency alert is on behalf of imprisoned forest activist Tre Arrow, known to authorities as Michael Scarpitti. He was arrested for his suspected involvement in an arson attack on logging trucks in Eagle Creek, USA.

He is malnourished and jailers are abusing him in British Columbia, Canada. Tre's weight has dropped to 91 pounds. The jailers still refuse to provide him with raw vegan food (fruits and vegetables). The jail is punishing for supposedly "hoarding" food in his cell. (The food they found was his lunch, served by the jailers earlier that morning.) Tre is in segregation and locked down 23 hours a day. He must be released back into the general population. He has been subjected to an arbitrary "suicide watch," and harassment. The jailers have taken away his blankets. Tre says he can't go on like this much longer. After 10 years on a vegan raw food diet, cooked food makes him ill and he can't digest it. He is weak and near starving. He has requested that we email, write and call the Attorney General of British Columbia, Canada. Tre is known by his former name of Michael Scarpitti. He is being held at the North Fraser Pre-Trial Centre in Port Coquitlam, BC.

Honourable Geoff Plant
V8W 9E2
Fax: 250 387-6411
Phone: 250 387-1866

Obviously this situation for Tre is very critical and its urgent that everyone acts now to support Tre.

Also, besides writing letters to the Attorney General ELP encourages everyone to help keep Tre's spirits alive by sending letters of support to him. These letters of support should be addressed to:

Tre Arrow, c/o Rudy Kischer, Embarkation Law Group, 609 W. Hastings St., 6th Floor, Vancouver, BC, V6B4W4, Canada.

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