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U.S Prisoners' Union activist faces repression

Brighton ABC | 12.08.2004 11:18 | Repression

Doug Oerly,is a prisoner involved in the Missouri Prison Labor Union, MPLU (set up by anarchist prisoner Jerome white-Bey to resist forced labour in prisons, which is exploiting prisoners and driving down pay and conditions for workers on the outside. For more info on the MPLU see website

Doug has been put in punishment isolation, often known as "The Hole". This occurred after a prison wide hunger strike, which Doug was unable to participate in due to health reasons...

The following is a suggested letter to the below-named prison and state officials regarding the unjust administrative segregation confinement of one of the MPLU members Douglas Oerly #38532 who was put in the hole for allegedly taking part in a prison-wide food strike. We are asking supporters to make copies of this campaign letter and mail it to these prison officials:

Governor Bob Holden State,Capital Building 201, West Capital Avenue, Jefferson City, MO 65 101

Gary Kempker, Director, Missouri Department of Corrections, P.O. Box 236, Jefferson City, MO 651Q1

George A. Lombardi Division Director, Missouri Department of Corrections, P.O. Box 236 ,Jefferson City, MO 65101

Michael Bowersox, Superintendent, South Central Correctional Center, 255 West Highway 32, Licking, MO 65542-9069

Representative Connie L. Johnson, Missouri House of Representatives, 201 West Capital Avenue, Jefferson City, M4 65101

Comrades, you can contact to Douglas at:

Douglas Oerly No. 38532, South Central Correctional Center, 255 West Highway 32, Licking, MO 65542-9069

So drop him a line or two to let him know you care!

To whom it may concern,
I am writing you on behalf of Douglas Oerly who is currently located at the Licking Prison and is being confined with 30 to 40 other prisoners in the hole, unjustly. Prison officials have targeted Douglas and others as allegedly being leaders of the food strike. On 5-28-04 Douglas was issued a false conduct violation report for Rule #9, Organized Disobedience. However, Douglas is a diabetic and must eat every meal along with in­between-meal snacks in order to maintain and regulate his blood sugar, which he did do while the food strike was taking place. Douglas takes two insulin injections a day and cannot skip meals without becoming very sick and requiring hospitalization. Additionally. Douglas has been a diabetic for about 38 years and would not put his life at risk by participating in something like a food strike. Douglas has been requesting to take a lie detector test in order to prove his innocence. Douglas did not participate in nor did he have anything to do with the food strike and in fart Douglas refused to take part in the food strike for obvious reasons'I stand in support of Douglas Oerly and we protest this unjust and uncalled-for treatment that he is being subjected to when he did nothing and was not involved in this food strike at all. We are asking that this be investigated by your office and Douglas be cleared of any wrongdoing and that he be released from administrative segregation (the hole) immediately. I thank you for the help you provide in getting this matter resolved.

Brighton ABC
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