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Youth uprisings in UK - the beginning of the British intifada?

Andy | 12.08.2004 08:40 | Repression

It's hard to tell from these mainstream articles what's going on, but in both cases there are clashes between young people and cops - perhaps the ongoing social cleansing against the young is finally bearing unwanted fruit for the state. Let's hope so...

Mob pelts police with bricks in riot
By Chris Millar, Evening Standard
6 August 2004
Up to 150 youths pelted police with bricks and bottles after an under-18s party at Hackney's Ocean music venue early today. Six Community Support Officers policing the event were forced to call for reinforcements after they were cornered by a mob just after midnight. They called in 50 officers from the Met's territorial support group, who dispersedthe teenagers in under an hour, a witness said. One youth was arrested on suspicion of causing violent disorder. No one was hurt. A police source described the incident as "ugly". The third disturbance in a week outside the venue came after fighting inside the club spilled out on to Mare Street.

Seven police officers have been injured and two patrol cars damaged after a disturbance broke out early this morning. Officers intervened after reports a gang was damaging a police car on Kiln Way in Wellingborough in Northamptonshire. Extra police were drafted in from across the county to deal with the violence. Six people were later arrested. None of the police officers were seriously injured and an investigation has begun.
(Source: ITV News)



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