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Kerry loves to be more a coup participant than Bush

automatic translator | 13.08.2004 14:25 | Venezuela | Globalisation | Repression

He attacks Chávez and he conspires against Venezuela with the intention to snatch the Cuban votes off Bush in Miami.

After the hawks of the White House left knocked out with the appearance of Al Qaeda, now Kerry wants to gain fame by attacking Chávez and Fidel with the intention to snatch the Cuban vote in Miami from Bush to him. The democratic candidate, an ex- veteran of Vietnam, who went on the rows when they protested against the war, wants to revert its image of "débil"(feeble minded) attacking very mediatically both leaders more feared and hated by the band of worms led by Noriega and Otto Reich. Thus their advisers advised them to it after remaining without arguments and being squashed by Bush who sent to a new version of "guerra antiterrorista" (war against terror), taking advantage of the psychosis of world-wide terror generated after the Madrid bombings.
The democratic candidate, to appear more "duro" (hard); and coup participant Bush, who has become the axis of a mediatic campaign of the oriented company ? to destabilize and to overthrow president Chávez of Venezuela. Without offering no evidence, Kerry continues the line of the Venezuelan competing oligarchy, blaming Chávez of being an opressor and to help the Colombian guerrilla, of "permitir narcotráfico" (permitting drugtrafficing), of "socavar” the democratic institutions, to want to prevent the accomplishment of the referendum against him and implementing politics "contrary” to the interests of the “EEUU" .

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