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Assembly and procession to mark G20 Meltdown death

Marina Pepper | 07.04.2009 23:53 | G20 London Summit | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

Ian Tomlinson died at G20 Meltdown in the city on 1st April. People are gathering. Flowers will be laid.

Ian Tomlinson, died after being pushed to the ground by a policeman in riot gear. Video footage of his assault is widely circulating. It does not tally with initiatl police and media reports.

Protesters and friends are assembling at Bethnal Green Police Station at 11.30 am to demand a public inquiry.

A procession will move off at midday to arriveat the Bank of England around 1.00pm. Flowers will be laid where he died.

A spokesperson for G20 Meltdown says: "This is a mark of respect. We demand answers. We suggest you wear black."

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