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NW // Is there any doubt that Steve Discombe witnessed Ian Tomlinsons attack?

Netcu Watch | 12.04.2009 13:46 | G20 London Summit | Free Spaces | Repression

It is obviously important that we are all pro-active in bringing those coppers who witnessed the brutal attack of Ian Tomlinson to justice whether they want to step forward or not.

Stevey forgot his bally...
Stevey forgot his bally...

After seeing the post from the Bristle Blog ( which calls for any witnesses to come forward and ID coppers from Photos and video stills captured by activists and mainstream media and extensive coverage from Fitwatch we can confirm that Steve Discombe was definitely present during the attack.

If anyone has any photos which havent been released yet of officers that were present during the attacked please make sure you send them to:


We will publish any evidence that can out these coppers and further help justice on its way to the truth!


Netcu Watch

Netcu Watch
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  1. Well done — Grateful
  2. I don't think it's him. — Ruby
  3. it is him, — it is you know.
  4. wouldn't he have a FIT jacket on? — disco
  5. tsg? — panda
  6. Conclusive proof it is a FIT officer — ACAVT
  7. That's not Discombe. — fitwatch