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Pre-DSEi police intimidation

Hard Mouse | 09.09.2005 12:41 | DSEi 2005 | Repression | London

Police stop and search, and picture taking at known squats in the run-up to DSEi arms fair

In the last couple of days police have been stopping and searching people, and FIT teams have been taking pictures of people and buildings, outside squats in London. Police vehicles have parked outside sites in and around London.
Sargeant KF23 was spotted, and FIT team car registration: KX54 CA0
So if you are going to a known site or squatted building, be aware that you might be photographed, stopped and searched, and asked questions. The usual advice to answer no questions etc applies. No comment!
PS: To the oinkers: You ain't FIT, you're mingers...

Hard Mouse