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Council Spokesman Agrees to Remove CCTV at Jack Kane after Pilrig Park Camp

authr | 02.07.2005 01:27 | G8 2005 | Free Spaces | Repression

A large group of people from the Resist train into edinburgh chose not to go to the Jack Kane campsite with its CCTV, private security, fences and so on.

Instead they walked through the city, north to Pilrig park and began setting up camp.

When we arrived the atmosphere was relaxed, with around 40 tents having been errected in one corner of the park. There were around 25-30 police standing in groups quite close to the tents, but just looking on.

After a while a representitive of the council (and police? - not sure) arrived along with around another 30 police - they formed a wide cordon and the council rep came and addressed the crowd of campers.

He spoke for some time asking people to please go to the official campsite, trying to stress that protestors were welcome in edinburgh (?!) and went on to say "this is not genoe, not evian, not some police state, this is edinburgh". When people complained about the CCTV he said if that was the problem then he would remove it - later he went on to say he would in fact remove it as a sign of good faith.

The atmosphere through this was all pretty calm as people listened and debated.

After making his speach to the main body of camperr he went to a smaller group, while police moved to close the park, not allowing anyone to enter, saying the park was now closed for people's safety...

The groups of people in the park began discussing, but were split into two groups by a police line. It was clear that the police were not going to allow people to simply stay there, or at least not without a very uncomfotable night - and so without any clear decision to stay people decided to leave together having gotten the agreement of no CCTV cameras in the Jack Kane Campsite. I last heard that people were waiting for the shuttle buses that were going to be provided.

We shall see if the council rep keeps his word and dismantles the CCTV at the campsite.



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