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Unlawful Detention

John Kimani | 16.02.2008 10:24 | No Border Camp 2007 | Globalisation | Migration | Repression | London

An asylum seeker continues to languish in Britains (Guantanamo Bay) Harmondsworth Detention Centre for 8 months after been detained despite the facts that it is against Home Office published policy on detention, on parents enagaged in Child Contact Proceedings and Case law regarding eminent removal.

Britain’s asylum system is a regime that includes government-tolerated criminality. Illegal acts and the abuse of asylum applicants are allowed to happen and are not punished. Many of these violations of the rule of law are perpetrated by the private companies that are contracted by the Home Office to run asylum detention camps and the deportation of would-be refugees. This outsourcing of asylum abuses echoes the US policy of extraordinary rendition and torture of terror suspects in third countries. It does not, however, relieve the government of ultimate responsibility for criminal acts committed by others on its behalf and in pursuit of its objectives. The buck stops with the Home Office.

Kenyan Asylum seeker languishes in detention (follow this link)

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