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Indymedia Watch Censors Comments

TheWatcher | 20.12.2006 04:14 | Indymedia | Repression | World

The self proclaimed watchdog of indymedia sites has disabled comment on his blog in response to comments criticising his hypocritical campaign against the indymedia - criticism which he described as a 'spam attack'.

The comment which obviously struck to close to home can be found in google cache and reads;

"Indy Media Watch is run by a unaccountable elite of one who allows complete lies and fabrication to be posted on the blog or deletes posts without adequate explanation. There seem to be no clear rules and they are applied inconsitantly. People are regularly allowed to post comments while pretending to be many different people yet the owner of the site makes no effort to expose the such dishonesty even though it is within their capabilities. However, the owner is quite happy to trawl through logs to expose the IP address of posters who point this out.

The Indy Media Watch blog is a travesty of inconsistancy and hypocracy - a den of misfits banned from indymedia sites around the world and huddling together like a little self help group for the terminally stupid.

Again and again the blog cherry picks something from the hundreds of posts to indymedia open newsires around the world and tries make them representative of the collectives who admin the sites. The double standards expressed by The Watcher and the rest of the deluded fools posting on this blog as if they are exposing some great travesty, is something to behold.

Yes, welcome to Indy Watch Blog - where disruptive trolls banned from Indymedia come to play."

As if to prove the point, the owner of the Indymedia Watch blog acted out the very act of censorship that he and his cohorts regularly accuse indymedia sites of. The irony is too much to bare and has obviously not been missed by at least one comedian who set up the Indymedia Watch Watch blog - apparently a spoof of the watcher.

While there is no doubt much that could be improved within indymedia, it is farcical that this 'watcher' likes to pretend to be beyond the contradictions inherent in open publishing, only to end up censoring his own site at the first hint of criticism.



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