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FIT Watch Bingo For DSEi

FIT Watch | 10.09.2007 09:04 | DSEi 2007 | Anti-militarism | Policing | Repression | London

Have fun cop spotting at DSEi.

Here is a bingo card sent to FIT Watch which can be used during DSEi and beyond...

FIT Watch
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Fit @ Larc

10.09.2007 09:56

Two cops stood outside Larc watching people coming and going, Monday Morning. They've said they'll be around all day, and threatened one of us with Section 5 for pointing a camera at them. GD605 and EF127.


that's EK127 - Kentish Town

10.09.2007 11:20

There's no EF.



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  1. Poor things.. — pretty fit