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Request for Info Re: Thessaloniki Solidarity Actions

wre | 11.07.2003 12:45 | Thessaloniki EU | Globalisation | Repression | World

Please post info about actions that took place yesterday (Thursday 10th July) in solidarity with those imprisoned in Thessaloniki because of their alledged role in the actions against the EU Summit last month.

Tomorrow in Berlin theres gonna be an info meeting and table about the Repression in Thessaloniki at a street party. Itd be good if people could post here info about any actions etc.. that took place yesterday so that we can pass the info on. Also, does anyone know of a website where Thessaloniki info is being collected. It would be good if there was a central website that people could visit to find info about what took place in Thessaloniki, latest info about prisoners, charges, court cases and a list of solidarity actions and even an archive of flyers, press releases etc... I have very few technical skills but have quite a lot of the above info that I could forward if there was somewhere to store it.

And sorry that this posting isnt really "News".