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URGENT Action Alert: Protest Against Colin Powell Fundraising for Raci

friends of palestine | 12.01.2006 15:55 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

On Sunday 15th January, former U.S Secretary of State Colin Powell will be guest speaker at a fund- raising dinner being held by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in London.

The JNF is a quasi-official organisation of the Israeli state; one of the principle purposes of which is raising funds for the acquisition and development of land in Palestine for the exclusive use of Jewish people. The JNF owns approximately 13% of the land in Israel, and is prohibited by its own constitution from selling or leasing this land to non-Jews, thus excluding all Palestinians and Arabs. The JNF also uses occupied Palestinian land to build illegal settlements; described on its web-site as reclaimed land.

Mr Powells decision to support the JNF is lending support to the systematic annihilation of the Palestinian people.

A peaceful protest is being called, and we urge all friends of Palestine to attend and demonstrate.

Date: 15 January 2006

Time: 5.30pm Sharp

Assemble: Outside London Park Lane Hotel, 22 Park Lane, London W1K 1BE, (Nearest Tube: Hyde Park Corner).

friends of palestine



12.01.2006 18:48

From the Scottish PSC:

Protest the JNF's racist fund-raising
The Jewish National Fund states publicly that no Arabs may live on, or buy back any land once the JNF has purchased it. The JNF is a major enforcer of apartheid inside Israel. "Today, the JNF tractor follows in the wake of the Army tank. Areas which have been restored to Israel as a result of the Six Day War are being put under the plough. The preparation of this land is the primary task of the JNF."

JNF UK has Colin Powell as their special guest at their fundraising dinners in January 2006. It is appropriate that the JNF has chosen a notorious liar whose career in war crimes includes wars from Vietnam to Iraq.

SPSC Protest
JNF Fundraising event with Colin Powell
Glasgow Hilton - Mon Jan 16 from 5.00pm onwards
Powell is also at
London Park Lane Hotel - Sun Jan 15
Manchester Hilton - Tues Jan 17

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