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Police wounded and business premises bombed in Turkey

DHKC | 12.01.2006 16:57 | Repression | World

The DHKC (Revolutionary People's Liberation Front) of Turkey has issued statement no. 351 claiming responsibility for two attacks. The statement says they are a reprisal for 28 prisoner deaths in December 19-22, 2000, and for 120 deaths since then opposing the use of solitary confinement in Turkey's prisons.

A reckoning is being demanded for the December 19, 2000 massacre

The murderers and monopoly capital must answer for it

In the massacre of December 19-22, 2000 which took place simultaneously in 20 prisons, 28 revolutionary prisoners were murdered, of whom six were women who were burnt alive. Five years have gone by since then.
The murderers have not been arrested, punished or even questioned.
Unprecedented brutality was used against prisoners who were behind bars in any case. The perpetrators were promoted and now sit in the highest court in the land, or are professors in the universities, or carry on as officers in their staff headquarters.
Can a people live without justice? That is only believed by those who think they can escape the anger and pain of the people.

The basis of our existence and one of the most important reasons for our struggle is the longing for justice. So this is why once again we have directed our pistol barrel at the enemies of the people.
To demand a reckoning for December 19-22:
1-) At four in the morning on December 26, a police car full of torturers was fired on by an armed propaganda unit. The torturer policemen were wounded by the bullets and our fighters made their getaway. The statement by the Istanbul Police that "some suspects" were arrested is a lie. Those arrested were people living in the area picked up at random.
2-) On the evening of December 18, a bomb went off in Istanbul's Levent district, in the business complex of "GLOBAL MENKUL DEGERLER“. The owner of this firm is Mehmet Kutman, an associate and collaborator of Sami Ofer, who exploits Turkey. Mehmet Kutman introduced Sami Ofer to Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and negotiated in the Galataport dealings.
He exploits Turkey together with the imperialist monopolies. The massacre of December 19-22 was carried out so the imperialists and their monopolies could plunder to their heart's content. This is why the representatives of monopoly capital are responsible in the highest degree for the massacre. So Global Menkul Degerler was chosen as a target to demand a reckoning for the December 19-22 massacre.
We will continue our just struggle.
We will demand a reckoning for the massacre of December 19-22 and the 120 deaths in solitary confinment.