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FIT intimidation at rampART

parts | 30.06.2005 11:32 | G8 2005 | Free Spaces | Repression | London

The Forward 'Inteligence' Team spent the morning harassing members of the Infernal Noise Brigade who where staying the night at the rampART social centre in east London before continueing their UK tour on route to Scotland.

The cops spent a couple of hours standing around and questioning anyone they could while the US marching band packed their bags and prepared their stuff to get on the bus.

The band played an amazing session on Wednesday night along with Londons Rhythms of Resistance, Filastine and the Lost Film Festival. There was no police presence last night.

As of writting the cops have left the immeadiate vicinity of rampart street.



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  1. Welcome to the UK — special friends