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SOCPA steve and barbara banned from designated zone!

rikki | 09.09.2006 19:40 | SOCPA | Indymedia | Repression | London

barbara tucker and steve jago appeared in court on friday. this summons was from a 'report to the crown prosecution service' of their alleged 'unauthorised demosntration' outside downing street on the 2nd july.
in a restriction of their human rights they are on conditional bail not to enter downing street or parliament square

their case has been adjourned until the end of november as the crown prosecution service is awaiting the outcome of maya evans' appeal against her conviction for participating in an 'unauthorised' demonstration. maya's appeal is based on human rights grounds, but in the meantime, the rights of barbara and steve are being denied even before they get a trial!

this is the latest in a series of twists, and it would appear that at least for this weekend, the police and the authorities have finally succeeded in stopping barbara from reminding passers-by of the genocides that have happened and are continuing in our name.

on monday, both will be appealing their conditions.

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the police and courts really do have nothing better to do

10.09.2006 11:36

Thank you.

I did state in court on Friday that "it is offensive that free speech is on trial in the criminal courts."

The bizarre court ruling late on Friday afternoon which the judge claimed during argument was 'proportionate', how? - I think not :) meant that Steve and I would need to break the law (bail conditions to not enter Parliament Square) to comply with the law (take part in Brian Haws 'authorized' International Peace campaign of which we are also both members) in Parliament Square and where we could not until actually after the imposition of conditional bail possibly commit any 'criminal offence'.

Of course Brian Haws campaign is also once again under threat from the authorities this coming week so his rights to have campaigners on site and the site supervised etc. are also disproportionately threatened by this ruling, surprise surprise.

An application on the bail conditions is due to be heard at Horseferry on Monday 11th sometime after 10am.

The bail form does not state the reasons why 'conditions' have been imposed.
Kind of like 'notifying' and the police not responding which naturally begs the same question - why!!!

I think we have got the message that petulant Tony does not like peaceful people campaigning against "Bliar's Genocide" outside Downing Street. Quite what the conversations over breakfast between Tony and Cherie a (hows your) human rights lawyer might possibly be, I shudder to think.

More importantly like the vast majority of the public we come across, who are members of the human race and agree with us, we will not stand silently by while babies are being killed for money. Bearing witness to and showing what is happening while campaigning that Tony for example stands trial for war crimes seems more than a fair and peaceful legal resolution to me.

The bail conditions actually state we must not enter Downing Street which of course we have never done in any case and have no interest in doing. However, in my experience the police do not bother to either read or follow minor written details and legal points that can mean the difference between depriving you of your liberty or not. As 28 hours in custody earlier this week before I was finally brought before the courts and released (following unsuccessful CPS argument that I be remanded to prison pending trial for a not imprisonable offence, an alleged 'solo' obstruction of some highway in which no free passage was blocked, at the -mass- demo on 5th August where I was arrested), has shown the police would clearly like nothing better than to have the pleasure of my company for an entire weekend.

After the 'events' of the past week, that hands in the air I confess exhausted 'incorrigible' me, it is actually a pleasure, albeit 'enforced', to have the opportunity to chill out for a whole weekend 'in peace' and I would offer the observation prior to not surprisngly the hearing of an 'abuse of process' argument in my case next week on the 14th September at 10.30 am in court 8 at Horseferry, surrounding the fact that I properly 'notified' of ongoing campaigning on 3rd March, that the government have 'lost' -'the plot'.

barbara tucker


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