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New campaign on Chechnya | 08.05.2007 06:36 | Repression | Terror War launched its second campaign this week, calling on Russia and the international community to provide people in Chechnya with economic and psychical security.

Internal conflict has destroyed society in Chechnya where the absence of shelter and employment means that some 15,000 people remain displaced. At the same time, security forces continue to repress the population through arbitrary imprisonments and torture.

“The international community has long ignored the suffering of people in Chechnya. wants to remind the world’s leader of their responsibility to actively provide them with security. We will continue this call in the run-up to the UN Human Rights Council in June where a resolution must be adopted to demand Russia changes its treatment of people in Chechnya”, said Kasper Jon Larsen, director of

Following its previous campaign on North Korea, assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill declared that America would insist the issue of human rights form part of talks to normalise relations with North Korea. The announcement came after presented the US government with a petition to address hunger and abuse in North Korea, supported by people from 39 different countries – including China, South Korea and the US.

Join our call for Russia to protect the civilian population in Chechnya against poverty and ill-treatment by Russian security forces. Read more and add your name >>
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