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Please Help! Plea from Los Angeles.

Lakota | 23.12.2004 14:21 | Anti-militarism | Indymedia | Repression | World

We cannot wait another 4 years to stand against the war and rampant social injustice of another Bush Administration. A coalition of social, political, and religious activists have come together to protest the coronation of George W. Bush. We invite you and all your friends and family to join hundreds of thousands in the streets of Washington, DC.

Please Help! Repost a bulletin or follow this link.

Please Help!

Please help send a Los Angeles Independent Journalism crew to Jan. 20 DC protests.With no influence from business and government, the two strongest corrupting powers of true freedom of speech on our airways, we will remain independent. Carrying cameras, video, and audio recording equiptment. We will document the events on the streets during the Jan 20 2005 Presidential Inaguration. Information gathered will be reported to: Los Angeles IndyMedia,Guerilla News Network,IndyMedia Worldwide,District of Columbia IndyMedia,Counter-Inaugural 2005, legal advisors, and many other organizations.It will cost usalot for the two man crew to make the trip. Please help any way you can.In SolidarityLakota



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  1. 6th january...stitch in time... — save9