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Bullied schoolboy wants Anna Bligh to address judicial corruption

Jennifer Nash | 23.02.2009 13:05 | Repression | World

This article details our fight against severe school bullying and systemic judicial corruption in the Queensland justice system. And the failure by government to address my documented and corroborated allegations of judicial corruption and the complete breakdown of the rule of law.

By Jennifer Nash
I would like to inform everyone about the long time government cover-up of systemic judicial corruption in Queensland, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s home state.
Our story about severe school bullying and judicial abuse and corruption was published by the independent news agency Mathaba in the article titled Supreme Court orders bullied school boy to pay costs
It was also mentioned in my local papers several times and again in the article titled Australia’s lone stance against civil rights bill: how juristocracy enables this and blocks debate
After complaining about severe school bullying in vain we then spent an unbelievable 5 years in an incredibly corrupt and abusive Queensland court system where we were denied any semblance of justice and equality before the courts.
Even though I am a layperson I was forced to legally represent my then 12 year old son against aggressive Crown Law Barristers.
The Queensland Anti Discrimination Tribunal (QADT) President, Jean Dalton QC, was biased and aggressive and repeatedly denied my son legal youth advocacy and equality before the law and the courts as per the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1976 (ICCPR) and The Rights of The Child.
When we refused to be abused by her any further and declined to come back for further abusive, biased and highly adversarial hearings in front of her she ordered my son (the bullied school boy) to pay the State of Queensland over $ 28,000 in costs even though this breaches both The Rights of the Child and The QADT Act.
The Act states in its preamble that it recognises the ICCPR and The Rights of The Child. But the QADT President refused to grant us any of those rights.
I demanded a different QADT Judge and finally a different Judge did hear part of the case. Unfortunately he was even more abusive and also refused to grant us our civil rights and respect the rule of law.
When I later obtained the court room audio tapes and transcripts I realised that they had been severely edited repeatedly in order to deny us the evidence and to pervert the course of justice.
The second QADT Judge was Robert Wensely QC who is one of the four (4) Queensland Anti Discrimination Tribunal and Supreme Court Judges against whom serious allegations of professional misconduct and obstruction of justice have been levelled.
The current Queensland Governor, Dr Penelope Wensley, who represents Queen Elizabeth II in Queensland is the sister of Robert Wensley QC.
Unfortunately Governor Wensley refuses to do anything and does not wish to speak to me about my documented and corroborated allegations of judicial corruption involving her brother and three (3) other Judges.
Premier Anna Bligh is determined to avoid drawing attention to our case by refusing to respond to my documented allegations. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has so far also refused to do anything including acknowledging my letters, emails and phone calls to his office.
My local State and Federal MPs do not seem to want to represent me as their constituent as per the principles of the Westminster system. They do not want to raise the issue of judicial corruption in Parliament.
On Monday, 23 February 2009, Anna Bligh announced a snap election.
If you think that this is appalling and that we now urgently need an immediate and independent investigation into the judicial corruption allegations against the Queensland justice system, please urgently contact your local State and Federal Member of Parliament and tell them that this situation is completely untenable and outrageous and that an inquiry is needed to restore public confidence in the Queensland justice system.
Australian children in worst class of bullies
Thank you.
Jennifer Nash
Brisbane, Australia

Jennifer Nash
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