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Words of solidarity with Conspiracy Cells of Fire from Russian FAI-IRF cells

solidarity means attack | 04.11.2011 10:43 | Ecology | Repression | Terror War | World

two letters in response to the open letter of the Imprisoned Members Cell of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire-Informal Anarchist Federation (Greece) by Informal Anarchist Federation \ International Revolutionary Front, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: Russian Cell and Earth Liberation Front (Russia) / Informal Anarchist Federation - International Revolutionary Front....


While reading letters written by imprisoned comrades and their communiques, we can feel with all our hearts their hatred towards status quo, their anxiety to create another world by destroying this one. Each line of such texts flows like a stream through your veins. It gets right to the core and stays forever in your soul.

While walking down cold and dark streets of the metropolises, we never forget about hundreds of imprisoned comrades and thousands who have died. Sorrow mixed with anger channeled through a prism of revolutionary consciousness give us a huge pulse to make revolution a reality.

When void and terror of this world suddenly close in, it’s sometimes difficult to keep your stance and not to fall into pits of apathy and depression. And only bright rays of ever-shining starlight pierce darkness and give hope. Every day they keep our intent to act warm, each day they breath new life into our willingness to change this world for better, to become better ourselves. The star is called Solidarity.

Fiery words from flaming Greece drive the chill away during cold Russian winters. We’ve never seen you, and, chances are, we’ll never see you, comrades. But you are closer to us than thousands of people we’ve got to know during our short lives.

Our warm words will be making a long and twisted journey. They are running wild through Russian woods, immolating construction vehicles, they soar high above grey streets of Athens, igniting them with flames of burning police stations. And finally through prison bars they’ll get into Your cells, mocking all security measures.

While making our most sincere dreams come true on the concrete streets of the metropolises, we came to call each other friends. We found people who we can count upon in any situation. People so close, we can share everything we have with each other.

Power tries isolate and crush our resistance, to pick us off one-by-one. They want to instill feelings of paranoia and mistrust. But they will fail. In spite of their expectations, we became even more closer to each other.

And while our activity puts us in grave danger, we still dream of a day, when we shall gather again in a small rural house. We will be drinking herbal tea that we’ve gathered with our own hands and sharing our plans with smiles and laughter.

And exchanging tales of our exploits. And this day is not far off.

We hope that soon enough you’ll be able to give hugs to all your friends as well.

And to get back on the road of adventure. We throw our fists up for you and wish you freedom. Flaming salutes and fiery hugs. And remember, you are not alone in this struggle!

Informal Anarchist Federation \ International Revolutionary Front, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: Russian Cell



So many of us captured, thrown into prisons, tortured, wounded or even dead. It’s getting more and more difficult to mention every comrade in each communique. Yet they are all worth mentioning, they shouldn’t fade into obscurity of silence of prison cells. Names spin in the head… People we’ve never known, but their dedication and sacrifice for the cause resonates with our worldview, with our own cause. And faces of friends we’ll never see again. Dead, murdered by the System. Is it everywhere like this? Are we all alone in this hostile world? Are there other mutineers, saboteurs, discontent? How do we get in touch with all this censorship?

How do we let them know with all this conspiracy of silence in media and society, even among political left? How do we communicate? We don’t know their language even. How do we write? Can they translate from Russian? OK, let’s just give it a try, we’ll see where this’ll go soon enough…

As soon as we learned of existence of others like us, we started reading their texts and established rapport through claims of responsibility and mutual expressions of solidarity. It’s a wonderful feeling, when one reads a text from another part of the world and yet its clear that people have same concerns, share same ideals and have same passion for freedom and social change, same rage against the status quo. And think about you. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire were first group that breached the blank wall of ignorance for us.

We believe today’s Greece could be thought of as a lighthouse for thousands of anarchists around the world who look upon it with hope that somehow people of this country can demonstrate new and easy ways towards world of freedom and equality. We looked deeper. Your daring attacks stroke us as the most appropriate and meaningful way to react to police brutality, economical and social injustices, ignorance of “law-abiding citizens” and political farce. And although most our communiques are frequently written in light-hearted and elated tones, we know full well that this joy and feeling of closeness with other anarchists around the world doesn’t come easy. That every direct action activist pays with her nerves, tears and blood for every letter in every claim of responsibility. And that to put such words on paper it really takes some character and very strong feeling of doing the right thing, of actually getting closer to victory. And we thank you for sincerity and straight-forwardness.

With our words and deeds we express our support for Greek comrades and their cause, but we feel its important for anarchists to fight in their own local battles and undermine authorities where they live, not to travel around hotbeds of successful anarchist resistance and “savour” this riot here or that march there. Much less to sit idly and wait till social war in Greece ends with a victory. Our subversive anarchist struggle should start right here, right now, not when people in yet another country finally decide to show their own government they’ve had enough.

That’s another point of reference that endeared you to us, friends from Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: your sharp and precise, brave (and brash even) voices calling for total break-away from modern society on all levels, everywhere. Your disagreement to follow “cafe professors of revolution”, voiced refusal to wait for “revolutionized masses” to rise up. A call for decentralized network of direct action. A motto “Think globally – act locally” put into the most revolutionary practice possible.

We have experienced first-hand the negative reaction and derisive laughter of so-called “anarchist comrades” right after publishing our only lengthy communique so far, where we tried to explain who we were and where did we stand. Today we see and hear more and more anarchists in our region turning towards anarcho-nihilism and moving in the direction of total rejection of the bourgeois-left lifestyle. This happens on all levels in the community: music, publications, statements of responsibility, face-to-face talks, discussions during assemblies. But we know full well how hard and ungrateful it is to voice these ideas for the first time. And this is another reason we feel so much love and tenderness towards you.

Greece is so close in every anarchist heart today, it seems. Sometimes people in Russia joke that close friends meet on two occasions: weddings and funerals. For Russian anarchists this closeness with Greek comrades came after police murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos. And yet Greece is so far away in terms of language and events.

By the time information of your activity and your texts reached us, some of you were already captured, others in hiding.

So it was painful indeed to read your thoughts and ideas and at the same time know the fate that awaited some of you and feeling uncertain and anxious for those who managed to go underground. With similar feelings we read scarce words of Ted Kaczynski, Walter Bond and Tortuga, close ones that reach us. With similar cold understanding of inevitability we read recent news of 3 of our Indonesian comrades captured after an attack.

But life continues even after capture, and for people of strong character even further struggle for Anarchy is possible, as so many our comrades in Russia have personally learned throughout all these years.

Your words fly out from behind prison bars, get carried away by winds of Anarchy and translated by numerous anonymous comrades around the world, words full of dignity and calm sureness in our cause being right. These words inspire us. By your acts of defiance you set a new level of revolutionary consciousness we believe every anarchist should strive to achieve. And knowledge of your refusal to repent and bow down gives strength to every new wave of anarchist prisoners, you should know that. Big thanks for this very difficult, dangerous and taxing war you’re waging inside prison walls!

Our own liberatory project lies a bit away from the cities and urban guerrilla, however. We’ve made a conscious and dangerous move of bringing our actions to light and kept constant the flow of news of our attacks. Our many-fold aim was to establish communion with other eco-anarchist and insurrectionary groups around the world (which we did), to help our comrades from “blackblocg” project in promoting the new urban guerrilla warfare (which by now is a rage in our lands), to encourage other eco-activists and anarchists on the path of ecological sabotage (which was a success) and to provide intelligence, cover and support for subversive actions of our comrades in the region (a constant in our minds, and a roaring success by the looks of it). It is fall of 2011, and autonomous nazi groups in Russia are either destroyed or went into hiding. Huge repressive apparatus of Russian State, its mechanisms grinding and moaning, slowly turns its attention towards anarchist movement. First lightning has already lit the horizon – the recent arrests and detentions in Moscow. What storm will come we’ve yet to see. But what keeps us warm in these cold and rainy nights is the thought that finally fledgeling anarchist movement in Russia has managed to become an inner threat dangerous enough for the government to seriously consider putting a yoke on us prior to elections. Guess this means we’re doing everything right.

Now we believe it’s time for next part of our plan, and so we salute with raised fists and step back into the darkness of our forests and glades. We keep in touch, we carry on fighting side by side with our comrades-in-arms from IRF/FAI for another world we know is possible. Our participation in IRF/FAI was made possible in large part because of your efforts, friends, your dedication and courage. This project gave us new and dear companions and co-conspirators, opened our minds to new possibilities of struggle and provided us with a lot to think about.

And for this also we give you our eternal smiles, hugs, kisses, winks and solidarity!

Let the fires of Anarchy be the beacons of hope and encouragement for all excluded and dispossessed worldwide!

After dead cold of winter spring will come!

Earth Liberation Front (Russia) / Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front



solidarity means attack