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Harsh and psychological torture unit

Miscarriages of JusticeUK (MOJUK) News Service | 03.11.2011 23:58 | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Here I am in the harsh and psychological torture unit (aka Close Supervision Centre CSC) at HMP Woodhill, in a high control cell with a six-officer riot unlock. You will have been reading about CSC recently in MOJUK and FRFI articles by John Bowden, Kevan Thakrar, which are all true.

As a prisoner experiencing it at the present time it is very unpleasant only two days ago a prisoner on the unit Danny Walker more or less amputated his arm. Requiring emergency hospital treatment where his arm had to be stitched back together and an operation to reconnect his nerves and arteries.

At the moment I am on suicide watch due to the abuse I have been receiving from officers, governors and the Mental Health Inreach Team, who have been refusing to see me because they say they are too busy. To my knowledge CSC at Woodhill gets specific funding for CSC prisoners and I thought that somebody on suicide watch would be a priority but obviously not, maybe they want people to mutilate themselves.
My brother Dano Sonnex is next to me under even worse conditions, they have had him this way for about six weeks. He is regularly refused exercise, showers, access to phone, no toiletries, no radio or TV, no news papers, no association, not even a complaint form to challenge his conditions. Totally inhumane, isolating, dehumanizing, atrocious does not come near to describing these unacceptable conditions.

Back to myself I am a prisoner in crisis, held under the same conditions and I can see how the people held within this unit deteriorate to the self-mutilation that is prevalent. I am due for release in about 44 weeks but may have a hurdle to overcome to make that date. I am up in Peterborough Crown Court on the 21st of this month for an alleged assault on another prisoner. My mental state is such that I do not think; I will be able to give my evidence to the best of my ability.

On the 8th May this year, I was brutally attacked by four prison officers, captured on CCTV and then sexually assaulted. Put in a complaint at the time, haven't heard a dickey bird since.

I am of Muslim faith and the majority of prisoners in the CSC at HMP Woodhill are Muslim, of nine prisoners, six are Muslim (the prison Imam is not allowed onto CSC). At HMP Whitemoor in the CSC unit, when I was there recently, of seven prisoners four were Muslim. At HMP Wakefield of seven prisoners two are Muslim. Half of those in the CSC have severe mental health problems, which cannot be treated in prison. So of 23 prisoners in CSC units, 12 are Muslim, more that 50%, this should be ringing alarm bells for you.

Makes me wonder are Muslim's being picked on! From my own perspective, we Muslim's are being targeted for our beliefs our daily lot is racism & discrimination. The people, who create and manage these regimes and torture units, should be made to spend time in the same conditions, see how they cope.
Kyle Major
HMP Woodhill
Milton Keynes

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Kyle Major

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