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Plane Justice - Banned In America

Alex Smith | 10.11.2011 04:08 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Repression | Sheffield

Why don't you hear about the extra cancer deaths, & global warming impacts from airports? Because UK activists are prevented from speaking in the U.S. Hear British aviation activist John Stewart (campaigner of the year) & Dan Glass from Plus Debi Wagner from Seattle. She fought off SeaTac (2nd largest global warming polluter in Washington State), tells about horrible health impacts, & the battle to halt airport expansion (Chicago, NYC, and more).

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Rockin' out with the Steve Miller Band, this is Radio Ecoshock. Big old jet airliner, the magic of flying, we can fly! Humans love those roaring jets so much, we hardly notice the 5 percent boost to greenhouse gases from all the jet fuel burned.

You may not love them so much if you live within 12 miles of any airport, where the cancer, heart deaths, sleepless nights and wrecked lives grow. It's not just the noise. Cancer-causing chemicals fly from the exhaust and drop into communities all over the world.

As the world economy peaks in growth, and starts to shrink in resources, the airline industry and their government booster still plan on a mad burst of expansion. Over 3,000 American airports plan new runways, like runway number eight at O'Hare in Chicago, or JFK in New York.

Victims under the flight paths are blamed by the industry, and abandoned by major environmental groups in the U.S. and Canada.

Not so in the UK. British and Scottish green groups boosted public awareness. 3,000 camped out to stop the expansion of Heathrow airport in London. They killed the third runway. We'll talk to leader John Stewart in Britain. He's been banned from America in a horrible loss for free speech, and airport protest groups.

In this program, you will hear what Stewart planned to say on the recent Aviation Justice Tour in the U.S. and Canada.

Then we'll hear from one of the most experienced airport expansion campaigners in the U.S. Debi Wagner has been fighting off pollution from SeaTac airport in Seattle for decades. She knows where the cancer grows.

I'll squeeze in a bit from British "Plane Stupid" campaigner Dan Glass, the man who super-glued his hands to the Prime Minister's sleeve. He too got a visit from one of Obama's top FBI agents.

I'm Alex Smith. The dream of mass flight for humans is killing the planet, and wrecking the lands below. Get ready for a hard landing.

Alex Smith
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