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Audio - Interview with a terror suspect, David Mery

rampART radio | 26.09.2005 02:14 | Analysis | Repression | Technology | Terror War | London

1 hr 30 min MP3 (32kbps 22,050 16bit mono)

David Mery popped into the rampART radio studio to talk to us about his terrifing night at the hands of Londons terror police...

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"In this show we talk to David Mery, a french national living in UK for the last 12 years. In July 2005, just one week after the police shot an killed an innocent man mistaken for a suicide bomber, David was stopped and searched by police using anti-terrorism legislation. They said he had been acting suspisiously because he wore a coat which they said was ‘too warm for the season’ and carried a bulky rucksac. Even after the bomb squad had checked his bag and found only a laptop, David was arrested and taken to a police station were they took samples of his DNA. His home was searched and computer equipment and documents seized before he was released without charge, but without his possesions..."

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