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Uzbekistani Repression Benefit

hanover square | 26.09.2005 13:08 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles

Benefit for recent Uzbek massacre, to support resistance.

Uzbekistan has seen some fo the worst human rights offences of recent times, with any group that thinks about challenging the existing government, even on a superficial level, shot or tortured. It says quite a lot about a country that has 65,000 in the army and 64,000 inmates.

Recently government forces murdered around 750 people in a march for open democracy, snipers picked off women and children and APCs ran over the bodies to make sure they were dead. International news sources are suspiciously silent - maybe because Bush uses it as a staging ground to fly bombing runs into Afghanistan? Funny that. Looks like the US government also exports peple there for torture when Guantanamo isn't quite enough.

Come and eat and drink with us in solidarity, if you have any information or media relating to recent events then bring them along, the media silence is defaning!

hanover square
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