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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Counter-FIT: some thoughts

27-06-2007 15:49

Recent discussions on Indymedia and elsewhere have concerned resistance to Forward Intelligence Teams - police surveillance teams deployed to monitor "disruptive" groups of various stripes. Here are some thoughts.

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11 July Meeting: Detention Without Trial: Lives in Limbo in Britain

27-06-2007 15:09

The Centre for the Study of Terrorism (CFSOT) with the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC) & Cage Prisoners will be convening an important public meeting, entitled Detention Without Trial: Lives in Limbo in Britain.

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Protest to Spanish authorities on the inhumane killing of Osamuyiwa Aikpitanhi

27-06-2007 14:35

On the 9th of June 2007 Osamuyia Aikpitanhi, a 23 year Nigerian, was killed by spanish police officers during a forced deportation. A Protest Note will be delivered to Spanish embassies around the globe at NOON on FRIDAY 29th of June 2007.

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Nick Griffin the mortgage broker?

27-06-2007 01:39

Just what precisely IS the BNP now?

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SOCPA - sir ian blair and other police in court at last

27-06-2007 00:11

today, brian haw won a major victory in court when district judge workman issued summonses against leading police figures. last year, police raided parliament square on 23rd may and removed 90% of brian's display. in january this year, judge purdey ruled that brian haw had no case to answer as the conditions he supposedly broke were not lawful. this meant the raid itself was unlawful.

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Iraq descends into clericalism and barbarism

26-06-2007 10:41

Gay Iraqi human rights activist reveals that for most Iraqis, life is now worse than it was under Saddam.

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Ramona Africa ON A MOVE tour comes to Brighton

26-06-2007 00:07

Ramona Africa
Ramona Africa will be speaking at 7pm Wednesday 27th @ Cowley Club, Brighton

She is touring the UK speaking about the incredible story of MOVE. MOVE are a largely black eco-revolutionary group based in Philadelphia. They have campaigned on environmental, animal rights and anti-police repression issues for thirty years. They have never backed down in the face of overt racist police repression.

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Sharphill Under Threat?

25-06-2007 20:23

Sharphill to get house building plans to go ahead?

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Support John Bowden

25-06-2007 17:23

2nd International Day of Solidarity With John Bowden

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Secrets CANNOT be kept forever...

25-06-2007 16:19

9/11 Poster
Here's a preview of a poster that might be useful for local groups to put up around their neighborhood...

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Green Seniors : How To...Blow The Whistle

25-06-2007 13:15

Think of the last company or organisation you worked for - not the small corner shop or family farm, but the big firm that employs more than a few dozen people and has a turnover of more than a million Dollars / Euros / Pounds / Yuan etc. Most people in industrialised nations have worked for a company like this.

Do you feel loyal to that company?

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"Catastrophic Emergency" in US: Building a Justification for Waging War on Iran

25-06-2007 08:51

According to neocon Walid Phares, writing for FrontPageMagazine, Iran and Syria are “involved in a regional campaign to seize as much physical terrain and score as many victories across the Middle East in order to consolidate their strategic posture” before Bush leaves office. Phares’ “Tehran-Damascus axis” is “arming and supplying neo-Taliban and other Jihadi forces in Afghanistan,” stirring up sectarian divisions in Iraq, and “has unleashed two blitzkrieg-like offensives” in Lebanon and Gaza.

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Is Witness Intimidation Really Legal During Employment Tribunal Proceedings?

24-06-2007 21:05

The Crown Prosecution Service has taken up and immediately dropped a case of alleged witness intimidation against high level officials at Kingston University on the grounds that no crime had taken place, since the acts occurred in connection with Employment Tribunal proceedings. Can it really be the case that Witness Intimidation is, in effect, perfectly legal when it occurs against parties to an Employment Tribunal? Could Parliament really have meant for it to be that way when they wrote the Criminal Justice and Police Act of 2001?

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SOCPA - the end of this law? or new restrictions?

24-06-2007 17:02

a story has hit the weekend newspapers that brown will announce the repeal of socpa restrictions on the right to protest outside parliament. but the stories also hint that the repeal may be accompanied by new regulations on the style of protests. the socpa law did not succeed in its main target, to rid brian haw from the square. is brown trying something else in the guise of libertarianism.

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Dispatches programme exposes US renditions

23-06-2007 20:06

On June 11, British Channel 4 television’s current affairs Dispatches programme featured “Kidnapped to Order.” The programme presenter and investigator was Stephen Grey, author and journalist.

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Sacco-Vanzetti 80th anniversary approaches

23-06-2007 19:40

23 August 2007 will be the 80th anniversary of the state murder of Niccola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti. Italian-American anarchist militants, they were convicted of murder during the 'red scare' by a prosecutor who didn't hesitate to use their radicalism to bias the jury against them and before a prejudiced judge.

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Spin and rumours at the G8

23-06-2007 14:10

With proper wars it is a well-known occurrence for one side's propaganda department to try and spread the most horrific stories about the other party. The opposition are depicted as brutal barbarians who ravage children and should be opposed at all cost. In military jargon this is known as 'psyops'. During the protests against the G8 in Heiligendamm there were clear indications of a similar strategy. In this case the infamous ''black block'' played the part of the barbarians. This is a biased summary of the misinformation and its effect.

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Mammoth electoral fraud in Philippines elections: Padding and shaving

23-06-2007 08:07

Philippine election
Nearly three weeks after election day, there are still no definitive results for the Philippine elections to the Senate and House of Representatives. Counting is still continuing and in a number of provinces it has not even begun. This has nothing to do with inefficiency and everything to do with ballot-rigging. The Philippines is one of the most corrupt ‘democracies’ in the world.

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*New Genoa G8 video* The Diaz raid, July 2001

23-06-2007 02:08

This revised edition video shows the opening moments of the Diaz raid at the end of the Genoa G8 in July of 2001. Over 300 police took part in the raid, expecting to find violent protesters.

What they found were 3 journalists and 90 environmentalists, social workers and pacifists. In what can only be described as a bloody massacre, 62 people were hospitalized. Some with life threatening injuries.
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