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Secrets CANNOT be kept forever...

George Hewes XXiii | 25.06.2007 16:19 | Education | Repression | Terror War

Here's a preview of a poster that might be useful for local groups to put up around their neighborhood...

9/11 Poster
9/11 Poster

The film 911 Mysteries : Demolition focusses entirely on the discrepancies between the official conspiracy theory and fact on the ground. This poster highlights a key piece of evidence that thermite/thermate was used to demolish all three imploded buildings on that horrid day, a day that has perverted the evolution of mankind for 6 years now - it is time for this to stop.

A 16" x 22" poster sized .jpg image can be obtained via

Please post widely out in the real world - in elevators, newsvendors (Daily Wail / Washington Post supplements? :), community centers, town halls...

George Hewes XXiii


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