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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Coillte, Irish State Forestry denies Farmer his Rights

11-01-2007 09:05

Farmer is denied his rights by Irish State Forestry, Coillte

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AUSTRALIA: Close Guantanamo Bay - Melbourne Protest

11-01-2007 06:59

Close Guantanamo Bay
Civil Rights Defence

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Venezuela 2006: Continued repression of popular protest

10-01-2007 23:43

* El Libertario, the voice of the Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas of Venezuela, analyzes the how and the why of the increasing state repression against the growing social discontent that belies the pseudo-revolutionary discourse of the Chavez regime.

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Police Entrapment in Terror Case?

10-01-2007 22:37

Matin Stolar
Police Entrapment in Terror Case? NYC Subway Bomb Plotter Says He Was Set Up By Paid NYPD Informant

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Are your kids lucky enough to be tagged from birth

10-01-2007 21:48

A PRIMARY school has become the first to use fingerprint technology.

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Lords consider mental health laws

10-01-2007 16:48

He said: "People should retain as much autonomy as possible. People may have decision-making ability over many of the areas where decisions need to be made.

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Jan 11: Guantanamo Bay 5th Anniversary 'Celebrations’

10-01-2007 16:11


Guantanamo Bay 5th Anniversary 'Celebrations’

Why has Birmingham's HIATT corporation supplied the shackles used during the abuse of 10 British residents and 400 other prisoners in Guantanamo Bay?

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Photos - Tens of thousands of troops deployed ahead of Bangladesh polls

10-01-2007 13:20

Dhaka. Riot policemen charge a group of activists
Bangladeshi police beat leaders and activists of the 14-party opposition alliance during clashes in Dhaka.

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Wed eve: Vigil for Guantanamo detainee outside Downing St

10-01-2007 13:13

THIS EVENING (Wed 10th Jan), VIGIL FOR British resident - JAMIL EL-BANNA - is one of 9 British residents held in Guantanamo.
On the eve of the 5th Anniversary of the Opening of Guantánamo Bay
6pm, Richmond Terrace SW1 (opposite Downing Street)
TOMORROW, in Birmingham, demo outside HIATTS, supplier of Suppliers of handcuffs, shackles and chains - for African slaves in the 19th century to the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay in the 21st. BALTIMORE RD, 1.30pm.

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Photos: Homophobic Protest & Counter Protest (09.01.06)

10-01-2007 00:36

Credit: Marc Vallée, 2006. -
A number of homophobic faith groups protested outside Parliament in London today (09.01.06) against anti-discrimination laws. New rules outlawing businesses from discriminating against homosexuals were upheld in the House of Lords. A number of LGBT people also protested against the faith group’s protest.

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09-01-2007 23:30

TCAR has called an EMERGENCY DEMONSTRATION in solidarity with the Demirci family and all others facing deportation: TOMORROW Wednesday 10th January 2007, 11am Outside Government Offices North East, Gallowgate, Newcastle (opposite St. James' Park Metro, next to China Town)

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Close Guantánamo: Demonstration on the 5th anniversary

09-01-2007 23:14

Amnesty International is marking the fifth anniversary of the detention centre in Guantánamo Bay by calling for the closure of Guantánamo Bay. Events are taking place in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Cardiff and Belfast.

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VIDEO (G8, Germany 2007): Repression and what to do against it!

09-01-2007 19:07

A video about police repression...
New 20min Clip about german police strategies and laws, especially for the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm. For moblilization and preparation...

Come and join us! We will be a 100.000 from all over Europe!

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Conspiracy Their Arses! Ricky Tomlinson (and Non-Celebrities) Fight Injustice

09-01-2007 16:16

Of course you know Ricky Tomlinson from his roles in the Royle Family and Brookside. But you may not know he was one of the Shrewsbury pickets imprisoned in the 1970s for 'conspiracy to intimidate' during a building workers dispute. Well now Ricky has donated £1,000 to a campaign for a public inquiry into the blatantly dodgy arrests, trial, and imprisonments. He will also be presenting a TV documentary later this year in a bid to raise awareness.

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USA: Funding the civil war in Palestine

08-01-2007 15:33

US Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams - whom Newsweek recently described as "the last neo-con standing" - has had it about for some months now that the United States is not only not interested in dealing with Hamas, it is working to ensure its failure.

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'Injunction' forced upon me by the 'Disablist' Courts in Hull and E. Riding....

08-01-2007 12:45

In response to the recent 'injunction' forced upon me by the 'Disablist'
Courts in the East Riding and Hull Locality by the claimant East Riding of Yorkshire Council, who the Judge (HHJ Grenfell), at Kingston Upon Hull Combined Courts totally abused my basic human rights and 'ignored' all submissions within my case.

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Fourth Anglo-Afghan War Shows Signs of Ending Similarly to the First Three

07-01-2007 18:24

Michael Smith reports today in Britain's Murdoch-owned Sunday Times about the increasing difficulty of Britain's occupying army's to recapture and hold once-controlled territory in southern Afghanistan, the first 'Central Front' for Uncle Sam's WarOn Terrorists.

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America's Germ Warfare Capabilities developed in secret in US Corporate Labs

07-01-2007 15:07

The costliest, most grandiose research scheme ever attempted having germ warfare capability is going forward under President Bush and in apparent defiance of international treaties such as the Geneva Convention of 1925 that bans biological agents.

And this program, involving some of the world's deadliest and most loathsome pathogens, many of which could trigger plagues and epidemics, is being conducted largely in secret without adequate oversight and in flagrant contempt of NIH's own rules.

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Project Censored: US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights

07-01-2007 15:04

Project Censored Releases a New study on the History of US Intelligence Community Human Rights Violations and Continuing Research in Electromagnetic Weapons.

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Sussex University in New Year witch-hunt

06-01-2007 11:01

The University of Sussex has threatened several students with disciplinary proceedings and legal action after 80 students staged an occupation of the university's library last November, in protest at cuts in resources and teaching time.
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