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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Fifty Years On - Tibetan Freedom March, London, March 7

09-03-2009 14:02

The Venerable Palden Gyatso
The Tibet Freedom march through London on Saturday marked the 50th anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan People's Uprising. Among those taking part was a monk who was tortured and spent 33 years imprisoned for taking part in those peaceful demonstrations. Pictures Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Recent media coverage of 1984 miners strike

09-03-2009 12:32

Lesley Boulton at Orgreave © John Harris
Former Euro-communist Martin Jacques, with an article in The Guardian, , has joined a long line of media commentators who have used the 25th anniversary of the start of the 1984 miners strike to pour excreta over Arthur Scargill. With their demonization of Scargill it is difficult not to conclude the media’s main aim is to re-write the history of the strike. Reading these articles you will need to look hard to find a condemnation of Thatcher, or the then LP leader Neil Kinnock's disgraceful betrayal of trade unionists in struggle.

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One Law For All - No Sharia Law in Britain

09-03-2009 11:31

North Terrace, Trafalgar Square
Over 200 people turned up in Trafalgar Square on Saturday afternoon (7 March) for a rally against the introduction of Sharia Law to the UK before marching to a public meeting at Conway Hall. Photographs Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Announcing The Black Dove Support Network's New Website

09-03-2009 02:03

This website is meant to be an online resource for anti-prison organizing
and prisoner solidarity work. Here one will find a collection of prisoner
news and updates as well as developments on the organizing to abolition
prisons. We hope y'all enjoy.

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Interview with Will Potter: Green Is The New Red

08-03-2009 15:11

Will Potter is an award-winning independent journalist who has become a leading authority on "eco-terrorism," the environmental and animal rights movements, and civil liberties post 9/11. James Brennaman, collective member and Vegans Against Moral Schizophrenia co founder caught up with him to discuss the impacts of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act on free speech, activism and the anarchist movement.

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The Times chunters on about animal rights activists again.

08-03-2009 13:32
Apparently animal rights activists are hypocrites for not campaigning against Halal and Kosher slaughter because we are all too scared of upsetting Muslims and Jews!!!

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Russian solidarity demo for SHAC prisoners

08-03-2009 12:38

Thursday, 5th March

In Petrozavodsk (Republic Karelia, Russia) animal rights activists organized a demonstration against vivisection – one of the most cruel animal-abusing industries. About 30 people took part in the action.

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Arrested Utah Activists not being given vegan food!

07-03-2009 19:22

Two Local Utah Animal Rights Activists; William "BJ" Viehl and Alex Jason Hall,
were arrested yesterday (Thursday March 5th) for a raid of a South Jordan, UT
mink farm in August, and the attempted raid of a second mink farm in October.
Both are being held in Salt Lake County Metro Jail on charges of Animal
Enterprise Terrorism. See

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Face life in jail... or three days in Punishment Park

07-03-2009 17:25

Punishment Park
On Thursday 12th March, 7pm in the Hallward Library Screening room, University Park, Nottingham Student Peace Movement will be showing the classic film Punishment Park. The film raises the difficult question of how to face state repression - is violence or pacifism the answer? How will we respond when the authorities come for us?

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Police maintaining special database of thousands of political activists

06-03-2009 23:13

Guardian journalists claim to have uncovered evidence that the police are maintaining a database of thousands of political activists, most of whom have not been convicted of any crime.

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Support the AETA 2!

06-03-2009 13:29

Video A mink escaping in an ALF style raid in Sweden. Photo from
Two animal rights activists have been arrested under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act in connection to the release of mink from Utah fur farms. The crimes are attributed to the Animal Liberation Front, which the FBI labels the “number one domestic terrorism threat.”

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Building Firms Blacklist - Same Old Story

06-03-2009 11:58

The information watchdog has shut down a company which it says sold workers’ confidential data, including union activities, to building firms.

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Binyam Mohamed free after years of imprisonment and torture

05-03-2009 16:24

Binyam Mohamed, a British resident who was held at Guantánamo Bay for more than four years and detained for just under seven years in total, arrived at a Royal Air Force base on February 23, accompanied by Metropolitan Police officers.

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Funeral of UN protestor : Harrow

05-03-2009 14:49

As the demand of the protestation remains totally ignored : Tamil civilians exceeding 250,000 starving to death amidst most inhumane bombings into the civilian concentration becoming a daily 'incident' with scores dead due to lack of even basic medical facilities ... the Swiss authorities have finally released the body Murugathasan Varnakulasingham to his family for funeral rites.

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No Nuclear Dump - Message of Congratulations from Cumbria to Nevada

05-03-2009 14:24

The Lakes - Nuclear Sacrifice Zone
A message has been sent from the Lake District in Cumbria to Nevada - CONGRATULATIONS on what looks like a successful campaign to PREVENT a NUCLEAR DUMP at Yucca Mountain

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Blacklist of building workers seized

05-03-2009 14:16

Data raid seizes 'blacklist' of 3,200 construction workers

5 March, 2009

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ant the police bullshit meter just keeps on rising

05-03-2009 10:52

""Still think that if you're innocent, you have nothing to fear from surveillance and control laws? Have a look at this news-video about Stephen Clarke, a man who was accused to taking pictures of sewer-gratings in Manchester and arrested. Though the police couldn't find any photos of sewer-gratings on his phone (and even though "what a sewer grating looks like" isn't a piece of specialized terrorist intelligence), he was held on suspicion of planning an act of terror, imprisoned for two days while the police searched his home, his phone and his computer. When they couldn't find anything suspicious, they released him, but kept his DNA on file, as the biometric of someone who had been accused of plotting a terrorist act. ""

also read down about the what happen to me peace at the bottom

the double police bullshit story, just who are they employing !!!.

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Poetry with Bite: Hammer and Tongue Open Poetry Slam

04-03-2009 17:00

Performance poetry with an activist edge at Camden's Green Note cafe- Open Slam featuring Simon Munnery aka Alan Parker Urban Warrior.

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BRD: Union fällt auf Stand von 2006

04-03-2009 15:46

CDU/CSU und FDP liegen in der Wählergunst vorn. So sah es bislang recht deutlich aus. Doch die Zustimmung für das bürgerliche Lager schrumpft, die Union fällt auf 33 Prozent. Bei der Frage nach Personen liegt die Kanzlerin aber weit vorn. .... Umfragen-Komödie: Regierung hält 57 Prozent ..... Dieter Althaus, die tote Serbin, Verantwortung und die Medien ....

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brian haw assaulted and then arrested this morning in parl square

04-03-2009 11:41

brian was assaulted by a worker putting up barriers in parliament square this morning. his hand was bleeding after the attack, but rather than arrest the culprit, or even (in case of doubt) both, they've instead arrested brian, supposedly for the theft of a key! solicitors are trying to find his whereabouts.
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