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The Times chunters on about animal rights activists again.

Netcu Watch | 08.03.2009 13:32 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Other Press | Repression
Apparently animal rights activists are hypocrites for not campaigning against Halal and Kosher slaughter because we are all too scared of upsetting Muslims and Jews!!!

This prize plonker of a hack, Tony Allwright, has decided that Halal and Kosher slaughter are cruel and that all other "meat" animals are murdered nicely with "pain relief". Because lots of people are upset about having "cruel" meat rather than "happy" meat apparently it is the job of the animal rights movement to get Halal and Kosher slaughter banned worldwide thus salving their consciences!! Of course the animal rights movement is a bit more ambitious than that with the aim of stopping ALL slaughter and inspiring veganism accross the globe.

Tony is a hypocrite who has done no research into slaughter or the animal rights movement. He is a lazy, sloppy, ignoramous who could have called VIVA or CIWF for information but could not be bothered. He must be an utter fool if he thinks that non Kosher or Halal slaughter is without pain and fear, for a start neither Muslims or Jews eat pigs and these intelligent inquisitive creatures are punched, kicked, goaded with electrodes and often reach the scalding tank fully concious dying a horrific death in the boiling water. Slaughter is messy, bloody, painful and utterly terrifying for the victim on top of the horrors of factory farming and the pain from broken limbs in transit. A few people kill animals very quickly on their own smallholdings in the UK as do many throughout the world, better than an abbatoir but a minor detail as a life is still being taken violently. Anyone who really cares about other animals would not eat their murdered corpses at all regardless of religion. Many Jews and Muslims are vegetarian or vegan to portray the 2 religions as "cruel" as Tony has is disgusting.

Tony, being sloppy and lazy, then brings up the twin spectres of Gladys's grave and Brian's bonce as the total sum of the actions of an entire movement which encompasses thousands of people the vast majority of whom are vegan. He omits all actions taken, both legal and illegal, against the meat and dairy industry and ignores vegan food fairs.

SHAC has always given out information on the meat industry and vegan recipes on stalls and in information packs. Huntingdon Life Sciences is, according to their website, more than happy to infect cows with mastitus and do other research on livestock to push these animals to ever greater limits, they are part of the meat industry. Cargill is an HLS customer who destroy rainforests and provide McDonalds with every piece of chicken they sell in the UK.

He also argues that animal rights activists are scared of being killed by Muslims insulting lots of people with the supposition that ALL animal rights activists are cowards and ALL Muslims are bloodthirsty nutters who kill any critics! What would he make of a vegan animal rights activist who is also a Muslim? Or indeed of the struggle of vegetarian campaigners in India who have suffered machete attacks from butchers? He just did not bother to research the subject which deserves to be reported by someone who actually has pride in what they write.

To sum up the animal rights movement is in fact actively countering the meat industry. Yes we are all opposed to Halal and Kosher slaughter but we are opposed to all slaughter and whilst conventional killing is more "humane" if done correctly by experienced personell more often it is not. An activist in the US attended abbatoirs where the blades moved so fast that cows were not stunned properly and were literally being skinned alive, workers were terribly abused. It is up to the welfarists to demand bigger cages and more "humane" murder and demand meat which is Kosher or Halal to be labelled as such, good luck to them. We want a world in which that no-one kills another being unless of course necessary to protect others from imminent danger or out of compassion for a being in pain. If someone kills because they are starving it is probably not for anyone else to judge, to do so for taste or out of habit is abhorrent.

Netcu Watch


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