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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Food not Bombs launch regular streetmeals in Oxford

25-02-2011 00:02

food stall complete with music machine
Last weekend Oxford Food not Bombs did our first stand-alone street meal.

A quick report from a friendly food squirrel...

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Ban Police Kettling - Campaign

22-02-2011 18:49

Kettling is being used to suppress dissent rather than to prevent violence. In fact it is a cause of violence. You can join this campaign and vote to ban kettling.

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Ban Police Kettling Campaign

22-02-2011 14:07

Kettling is being used to suppress dissent rather than to prevent violence. In fact it is a cause of violence. You can join this campaign and vote to ban kettling.

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Dissident Island Radio 18 February - ready for download

20-02-2011 19:50

Cardiff Unemployed Daytime Disco // Lewisham library occupation // aboutlordbrowne // Manchester Airport blockade trials // Dj AK

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Today at Sabo-Taj

19-02-2011 12:23

Today at Sabo-Taj

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Brighton ZineFest this weekend!

19-02-2011 12:22

Two days of events!

For venue info check our website!

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Really Free School ( London)

19-02-2011 00:30

Rich Guy - Guy Richie's House
Free School leaves Rich Guy - Guy Richie's House.

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SaboTAJ Press Release #1

17-02-2011 22:56

no more sainsburys
We need your support to help save our community!

St James Street in Kemptown, Brighton is turning into a long libe of supermarkets - we have taken a building back into community use.

Please circulate far and wide....

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Metro promotes social cleansing

16-02-2011 14:59

The Metro has published a letter from one of its readers calling squatters 'rats', 'scum' and 'subhumans' and suggests allowing property owners to electrify their property to keep squatters out. We know where the irresponsible promotion of this kind of language leads - to social cleansing, crackdowns and probably the Tories criminalising squatting.

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A self-written history of Mandela Park: Kwanele! Enough!

16-02-2011 09:59

2009: Backyarders rally at night to avoid a police ban
Written by the Mandela Park Backyarders Movement (A South African anti-eviction campaign)

The following is a self-written history by our movement. After a lot of deliberation with our members, we came up with this document as a way of explaining how we have come to say Kwanele! Please use this document in order to better understand our struggle…

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Bristol: occupied homeless centre faces eviction

14-02-2011 17:23

Homeless people in Bristol have occupied a former homeless advice centre recently closed down by the council. They are now facing eviction by notorious bailiffs Constant & Co

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Guerrillas Of love & Saint Valentine

14-02-2011 15:18

Guerrillas Of Love & Saint Valentine

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Soli attack in Bristol out skirts - the fire is spreading.

11-02-2011 14:51

We have come to terms with the extent of the damage done to our individual lives, our planet, what could laughably be called the remains of some *community* (now a politicians' poisoned term - we see nothing reflective of what community means to us in this society) by the ravaging of capitalism, the State, social hierarchies of race and gender and our own seeming inability to confront and systematically destroy these entites as they suffocate us. This realisation can too often lead to paralysis or chasing one's own tails in a frenzy of self-righteous *activism* that leaves participants exhausted, the quality of their struggle cheapened, and our enemies unfazed. We have assessed the terrain in which we find ourselves and pledged a trajectory of wild rage despite the spell of tranquility that society attempts to cast, living passion and experimentation despite the inertia and obsession with dead objects this society fetishizes, and real affinity despite the empty shell of social networks and meaningless interaction we are sold as leisure or *community*. Many tools are ours in this lived resistance - but none of these find any context when not held up against a relentless and determined assault on the open prison that unfolds everywhere our enemies tread.

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Loss of a protestor

10-02-2011 19:18

As many are now becoming aware a fellow protestor has died in a tragic accident

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early year gathering at shropshire 25-28 feb

10-02-2011 10:14

Camping in beatiful surroundings
The Shropshire anti-coal site at Huntington Lane was set up almost a year ago to defend the site against UK coal’s plans to mine the huge site set in thousands of hectares of beautiful woodland in the heart of Shropshire’s beautiful countryside.

On october 13th uk coal in cooperation with the national eviction team begun work on the southern part of the site and have begun work, trashing the land with a large array of massive earthmoving equipment. since then the mine has become an operating opencast however the camp is still going as good as ever and getting stronger by the day!

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Hackney Marches Against the Cuts!

09-02-2011 18:35

Protest against the cuts in Hackney on Saturday 19th Feb 2011!

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Do The Nihil - riots in germany

05-02-2011 19:43

After evicting an old legalized squat (tricky and not legally by blocking the residents' lawyer off the house) there were riots in Berlin, Hamburg and Copenhagen for minimum 2 days and militant actions, gatherings and small rallies all over Germany

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Berlin: Liebig 14 under attack

02-02-2011 16:06

over 20 years of resistance under threat

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Video of Occupation of Hetherington Research Club.

02-02-2011 14:55

Video of Occupation of Hetherington Research Club.

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ConDem Coordination Event

01-02-2011 22:13

The ConDem government is having a conference in Sheffield on March 11-13 2011.
Meeting to discuss coordination and convergences against them.