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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Defend community social centres - sign the online petition!

26-02-2010 11:57

For the past 6 months, locals in Bath have been operating teh Black Cat centre - an occupied social centre. It has made real inroads into the local community, but is now under threat of eviction - help out by signing the online petition -

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tories to criminalise trespass

25-02-2010 01:24

worrying but not unsurprising little horror from their own website. this is likely to be used as a catch-all for just about every form of trespass ever used.

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“Knife arch” for Piccadilly Gardens

21-02-2010 17:32

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have today erected a temporary “knife arch”, consisting of a metal detector and sniffer dogs, in Piccadilly Gardens for pedestrians to walk through.

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Bath Black Cat social centre - New address

20-02-2010 14:29

Bath's only occupied social centre has a great new home. Volunteers, get yerselves down here!

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Radiokebele - we done a number 2!

19-02-2010 21:11

Featuring extended interview with the “Sultan of Squats” Clifford Hanger which include a host of anecdotes from Bristol's finest radical raconteur. Also a telephone interview with the Olympic Resistance Network that lays out the ugly truth behind the Winter Olympics on stolen land. Then the usual global update and what's on guide.

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No ID, No Freedom. People sent home Without ID

19-02-2010 15:01

Police in Wakefield checked 900 ID card, anyone found out in public with NO ID was ordered to go home and not use the streets of Wakefield

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The Really Open University: Strike / Occupy / Transform!

18-02-2010 11:10

What is an ROU?
In recent weeks a struggle has begun to emerge at the University of Leeds. The university management is claiming that they need to cut spending by £35 million due to the economic crisis. The lecturers union (UCU) rightfully claims this could cause the loss of 700 jobs. The effects will go beyond just job losses but will continue the degradation of education caused by deep rooted systematic problems.

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Squatting under threat...

17-02-2010 11:32

Squatting under threat...

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Resisting the cuts at Leeds University. Strike, Occupy, Transform!

16-02-2010 21:55

A group called the Really Open University has been established to help resist the £35 million of cuts being made at the University of Leeds.

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Schnews 4 Indymedia together for eva tru luv

15-02-2010 23:12

Speaking as someone who waits with baited breath for the latest issue of Schnews to appear to give me anarchically comical insight from the back streets of be- right- on...

And speaking as someone who also clicks on to get the latest hot from the streets reportage coming from legions of activist-journalists “being the Media” at the latests heroic attempt to crash the towers of Mammon........

I was slightly perplexed by the bizarre genetic merging of Indymedia and Schnews to create the bastard of offspring Frankenstein know as.......

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Bath Black Cat occupied social centre moves again!!

15-02-2010 12:40

For 6 months, the Black Cat has been providing Bath with a liberated community space featuring a radical library, freeshop, cafe, debt advice centre, and dozens of film nights, meetings, activities and workshops .

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Redditch reuse group celebrates success & calls for reuse warehouse

12-02-2010 19:33

Redditch Freecycle has reached 10,000 members in 4 years but founders accept that the group only rehomes a small minority of the towns useful items. They have called for a reuse warehouse which could deal with the waste mountain, create jobs, save precious resources, train young people & help low income families all in one go!

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Bath Bomb #27 Out Now

12-02-2010 12:46

Yes, the new issue of the so-called 'monthly' Bath-based radical free sheet is once again ready for public perusal...

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Police evict new No Borders/ SOS Sans Papiers space Calais

07-02-2010 17:12

Police force entry and arrest all those who were inside, who all had papers. Illegal eviction of space.

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The Verdict is in...

07-02-2010 15:25

Order in court (well another court) Systemxchange Social Centre 1st March 2010 @ Wandsworth.

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Daily Mail censor staff blog

03-02-2010 20:38

Here is a full copy of the now-censored blog of a Daily Mail employee. It was taken down after management uncovered it earlier today.

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San José Peace and Justice Award Honours Free Gaza Pioneers

02-02-2010 08:53

Pete McHugh, Kathy Sheetz, Paul Larudee, Greta Berlin, Sharat G. Lin
The San Jose Peace and Justice Center awarded its Gertrude Welch Peace and Justice Award to pioneers of the Free Gaza Movement who sailed the first small boats to break the Israeli siege of Gaza. The award prompted the city of Milpitas, California to present commendations and U.S. Congressman Mike Honda to award Congressional recognition to the recipients.

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Earth First! Winter Moot location announced, 6pm Fri 5th - Sun 7th Feb 2010

01-02-2010 11:59

"A weekend of networking, reflection, strategic discussions & campaign planning for anyone involved in ecological direct action who believes in non-hierarchical organisation and directly confronting the forces responsible for the destruction of the Earth and its inhabitants"

6pm Fri 5th - Sun 7th Feb 2010
Dipton Community Centre, Front Street (A692), Dipton, Stanley, County Durham, DH9 9DR

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Mainshill Solidarity Camp evicted – not an end, but a beginning

30-01-2010 11:13

Yesterday was the fifth and final day of the eviction of the Mainshill Solidarity Camp – the last two arrests as the final occupiers were dragged out of the rapidly shrinking Wood. A total of 45 arrests were made over the course of the eviction with close to 70 people taking part and supporting the camp.