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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Edinburgh G8 Carnival - Soundsystem Seized by Police

05-07-2005 08:08

graff from geneva - evian G8
Yesterday on Monday 4th July police in Edinburgh seized a sound system near to Princes Street at around 12.30pm.

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Princess Street G8 Carnival Rooftop Pics

05-07-2005 08:05

Pics from the Carnival for full enjoyment - edinburgh - monday 4th July.

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Hospital workers report treating 30 fence spike injuries (carnival edinburgh)

05-07-2005 07:55

When police laucnhed baton charges against people at the Princes street park yesterday they were forcing people to climb over a fence with spiked railings. There was no choice for many as the police rained down blows and they were forced to climb the metal fence.

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EVICTION ALERT nr rampART east london

05-07-2005 07:42

Help is needed urgently to defend a large residential squat against eviction this morning. Squat is at the aldgate end of commercial road not far from rampART.

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Make History Poverty

04-07-2005 21:50

The Polis enforce a “Sanitised area” at the Make Poverty History Demo; we’re all under military occupation.

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04-07-2005 21:22


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SCUM8TEK 2nd July - A million sound systems and no bob!

03-07-2005 22:45

The Scum8 Teknival went ahead in London this weekend as an antidote to the Live8 crap...

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Anti-G8 graffiti in Edinburg

03-07-2005 22:11

Make capitalism history
Anti-G8 feeling is in the air, on the streets and on the walls of edinburgh.

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Edinburgh street closure + boarding pics before the make poverty history march

03-07-2005 20:58

With all the fuss and apocalyptic media hype before the Make Poverty History (MPH) march, I talked to many residents who were expecting widespread riots. The preparations for the MPH march made it look like one was expected...

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The Clown Army and its Entourage Extravaganza

03-07-2005 12:46

The Clown Army's governmental photographer
The Clown Army has acquired such fame that it draws a number of groupies:
Geoff, the Black Bitches and The Full Monty line dancing group

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Rhythms of Resistance: Their biggest fan

03-07-2005 10:50

Patrick up front
Rhythms of Resistance have found their own govenmental tour photographer.

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Edinburgh Street Parties

03-07-2005 08:30

Infernal Noise Brigade
As the MPH march ended the partying began.

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About the park squat

02-07-2005 17:24

Yesterday we squatted a park then the police showed up and it ended up with most of the people got to sleep in the official campsites anyway.
This is my story.

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Council Spokesman Agrees to Remove CCTV at Jack Kane after Pilrig Park Camp

02-07-2005 01:27

A large group of people from the Resist train into edinburgh chose not to go to the Jack Kane campsite with its CCTV, private security, fences and so on.

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The light (and dark) side of the bike

01-07-2005 19:54

Make Poverty History cyclist on George IV bridge
Two different groups of cyclists have descended upon Edinburgh today, the Make Poverty History cyclists in symbolic white, and another, angrier mass.

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EKH squat (vienna) update 1st July

01-07-2005 18:33

EKH will stay!
The Ernst Kirchweger Haus (EKH) in Vienna, Austria was squatted in 1990. During the past 15 years it became an internationalist, anti-fascist, self-run space.
Since midnight, 2/3 of the house is without contracts again, so the people inside are now preparing for the case of eviction and mobilise to make public pressure for a written, law-valid guarantee.

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Police visit the Dissent! Info point in Edinburgh

01-07-2005 15:48

At 15:00, on the Friday 1st July, 6 police officers paid a visit to the Dissent! Info Shop (Leith Walk). They stood outside for 30 minutes, pjotographing people and taking notes before going away at 15:30. Here are 2 statements from Dissent! volonteers staffing the space:

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Something is going on at Institute of Autonomy

01-07-2005 14:09

Police are milling about at the Institute of Autonomy 15.00hrs Friday

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56a Infoshop Final Night of Map Festival: Exp Music/Film Night

01-07-2005 11:24

SATURDAY 2nd JULY from 8pm at 56a INFOSHOP

The final chance to see the YOU ARE HERE BUT WHY? Free Festival of Mapping exhibitions at this long-established South London radical social centre and enjoy a curious night of free pickles and movies and moosick...

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Indymedia Centre in Edinburgh Now Open - Meetings + IMC Reporting Numbers

01-07-2005 09:42

The Edinburgh IMC is open today - Friday 1st July.

Located above The Forest Cafe (street entrance door to the left) on Bristo Place, Edinburgh

Daily imc + reporting co-ordination meetings @ 7pm