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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Sheffield Street Piano SAVED!!

07-07-2006 10:04

Sheffield's first free community Street Piano was set to be removed by the City Council. But after a concerted campaign of popular resisdence, the authority has changed its tune. Realising that this piano is a contribution not a threat to neighbourhood life, they have decided: The Street Piano CAN STAY!!

This is a victory for autonomous DIY grass-roots bottom-up initiatives.

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International Protest Day calls for the end of Guantánamo Bay

07-07-2006 03:04

International Protest Day calls for the end of Guantánamo Bay

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Save The Cemetery free event - Sunday 9 July

06-07-2006 09:24

Save the Cemetery
To raise awareness and register opposition to the planned development of luxury flats on the site a free party (with license) will take place in the general cemetery on Sunday 9th July.

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05-07-2006 22:46

methods for "exorcism"

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Indy english lang radio coverage of G8

05-07-2006 10:56

There is a proposal to provide english language radio coverage of the G8 mobilisations next week.

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Freedom, although late...

05-07-2006 00:42

on the entrance of Venezuela in Mercosul

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J B Spray Building Occupied / Evicted / Reoccupied

04-07-2006 15:16

the supposed owner
On Wednesday 28th June the J B Spray building in Radford was squatted. It was illegally evicted by the police on Friday 30th June and reoccupied on Saturday 1st July. A new squat is born in Squattingham!

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Camp Inski - Anti-G8-Camping at the Baltic Sea

03-07-2006 16:03

For global social rights and an entirely different entirety!

August 4-13th 2006

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World Cup Final Day at the Common Place, 9 July

01-07-2006 10:44

Why are you showing the world cup at the Common Place? Doesn't it represent everything you're against? Just two of the questions frequently asked by haters of the beautiful game.

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MATILDA now YF have it

30-06-2006 17:33

Fat Balding security gaurd says you cant recycle any of this stuff.
yorkshire forward have put in a security guard, cameras, and remote monitoring equipment.

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Pedal Powered Social Shimmy

30-06-2006 13:09

Oxford gets its own Critical Mass

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Little London World Cup Final Football Fiesta - 9 July

30-06-2006 10:48

Little London estate in Leeds is a multi-cultural community facing demolition and evictions under PFI. What better way to bring the community together and mark World Cup Final Day on 9 July by having a family football afternoon.

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Who Really Runs Leeds? next meeting 10 July

30-06-2006 09:01

To kick off 10 days of events around privatisation and corporate power in Leeds, the Who Really Runs Leeds? project based at Leeds University has organised its second meeting on 10 July aimed at uncovering the nature and extent of privatisation in Leeds.

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a vision on the political parties in Brazil.

30-06-2006 06:10

The inexistence of consolidated political parties and the presidential succession in Brazil.

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'Our Cities are Not for Sale' - two public meetings in Leeds

30-06-2006 00:25

Oscar Olivera
Two major anti-privatisation meetings have been announced for July as part of efforts to create a city-wide anti-privatisation campaign network of trade unionists, tenants, health, education, and other public service workers and users.

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Documenting Matilda

29-06-2006 23:48

Acoustic night
A near complete listing of all the events hosted at Matilda. In addition lots of campaign meetings were held, regular socialising and eating together and artists did art on the top floor! A range of photos that don't capture fully the broad range of stuff that went on, but hope gives a flavour.

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Bill board felling in Bristol!

29-06-2006 21:54

Those billboards keep coming down in Bristol – full details here next stop the council house…?

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THE BASEMENT - fundraising dinner, quiz and entertainment! 7th July

28-06-2006 13:57

Summer Shennanigans at the Basement. July 7th 7 - late
The Basement is putting on an evening of delights to help cover recent extra costs (rent increase!grrr)

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Matilda the Departure

28-06-2006 06:29

Wise Words
Predictably YF failed to turn up to repossess "their" building