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As Bono and Geldof praise G8, NGOs say G8 deal is a "betrayal"

09-07-2005 06:00

They've been privately fuming for months at the unnaccountable way in which celebrity campaigners like Bono, Geldof and Richard Curtis have consistently hijacked the Make Poverty History campaign and message. But finally, as the G8's disappointing communique was released, it was only now that the NGOs' anger finally boiled over as they sat with their heads in their hands.

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Street party in Glasgow

08-07-2005 19:32

A street party occupied the bridge south of the Glasgow train station today. Samba music and a small amp were playing, and the sun was out! Unfortunatelly the Police set and end by closing down the north side, and trying to pen in people.

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Healand Kitchen

08-07-2005 17:25

Healand Kitchen
Peaceful fun atmosphere in the communal kitchen of the Healand Barrio

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False Alarm or Hoax? Suspect Package Outside Edinburgh IMC

08-07-2005 16:38

This afternoon (Friday 8th July) there was a false alarm suspect package / bomb alert outside the Edinburgh IMC and Forest Cafe.

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Images from the 'Horizone' eco-village at Stirling

08-07-2005 11:47

Pics and a brief description of the protest camp

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Pictures of kids action at Stirling eco-camp entrance on Thursday evening

08-07-2005 11:18

On Thursday evening when we wanted to leave, the kids came with their banner wanting to persuade the cops to lt them through.
But as the police lines tightened, an impromptu street party took place instead.

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The Shy Man

08-07-2005 11:12

The Shy Man
A shy man photographed whils protesting on the Make Poverty History march - who is he?

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Stirling campsite update

07-07-2005 21:04

All morning, people have been allowed to leave on one by one basis on condition that they are searched, they give names, are filmed/photographed and have good excuse to leave (like catching a train). In the afternoon, two large groups (around 300) attempted to leave the campsite.

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general statement on police allowing G8 protest

07-07-2005 18:41

i know this is the wrong space to publish this kind of mainstream statement, but i posted it on bbc "have your say"- while submitting it I realised that they wont publish it anyway. So, posting it here is kinda just to beat my frustration with the corporate media.

The BBC discussion was on the issue of allowing G8 protests.

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Action at Gleneagles

07-07-2005 17:47

Wednesday 6th July, afternoon, at G8 Alternatives march to Gleneagles. Activists reach main gate and many enter the fields surrounding Gleneagles, some breaching the perimeter fence, with large numbers of demonstrators from the main march looking on.

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accommodation in glasgow

07-07-2005 13:56

Thursday 7th, 3pm there is space in glasgow for people to sleep tonight.

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Heli - Camping at Stirling

06-07-2005 17:16

The all-pervasive drone of helicopters is the backdrop to the soundtrack of music, meetings and the videoed shouts and chants of protestors at the Horizone Eco-village outside Stirling.

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What's Happening at the Hori-Zone Eco site in Stirling

06-07-2005 15:53

The eco-site in Stirling is at the forefront of the G8 protest. What's really happening at Hori-Zone?

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Photo Report Blokade of M9 near Stirling the 06 July 2005

06-07-2005 13:06

Begining of Blockade
Action 2 Affinity group with the Clown Army on the autoroute

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Beacons of Dissent! Ablaze Above Gleneagles

06-07-2005 00:16

On Tuesday 5th July, the first wave of hillwalkers set off into the Ochil hills - walking for several hours to reach the peaks overlooking Gleneagles itself.

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IMC Stirling On-Line

05-07-2005 22:11

IMC Stirling in the Eco-camp convergence space has been online and running since Tuesday morning. Open publishing, video editing taking place as we speak. Come and use this resource as you need it.

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Photos from life in Edinburgh

05-07-2005 16:29

Some photos from the political living and meeting spaces in Edinburgh.

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Liverpool social housing and local parks under threat.

05-07-2005 16:07

Liverpool social housing and local parks under threat.

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Institute of Autonomy Evicted

05-07-2005 14:23

Institute of Autonomy Evicted during G8

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EKH squat vienna, eviction alert

05-07-2005 13:56

action at 2nd of July
The E.K.H. defines itself as a free-space for cultural, political and artistic activities. It was squatted in 1990 by activistes of the viennese squatting scene and turkish left-wing organisation ATIGIF.
As an international, multicultural, antifascist centre it was named after Ernst Kirchweger, an antifascist who was killed during a demonstration in the 1960s.