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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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FBI investigating anarcist - WEB

01-04-2005 09:09

FBI investigating incidents on Infoshop News and

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Liverpool Social Forum Meeting TUESDAY

31-03-2005 08:31

The next meeting of the LSF will be on Tuesday 5th April (i.e. this Tuesday coming) at 7.30pm in the Casa, Hope St.

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Luxembourg, 16-18th June 2005, EU Summit Protest

30-03-2005 16:09

The mobilization and the protest against the European Union and the presidency of Luxembourg continues after the European-wide action day took place on the 19th of march in Brussels. In preperation for the next summit a multilingual mobilization brochure containing texts and practical advice has been published; and is also available on-line.

Delete Capitalism!
Days of Action Against the European Union Summit!
June 16-18, 2005

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Free party in Manchester

29-03-2005 15:03

Strangeways - anodyne - and daylite robbery.
Safe party - no hassles - see the photos:

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27-03-2005 17:41

EURO MAYDAY – LONDON LAUNCH NIGHT - Friday 1st April – 7pm
The Institute for Autonomy, 76-78 Gower Street, London WC1E
Cinema, Discussion & Cafe

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Zapatista Doll Returns Faulty Starbucks Cup

27-03-2005 04:56

Doll Returning Faulty Cup
Zapatista Doll returned a faulty Starbucks cup
to a local retailer asking them to get it back
to the manufacturer and alert them to this
possible need for a recall. As you can see
the cups do not say what Starbucks would like
their main message to be.

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Mayday 2001 Protest Detention Damages Case Fails

23-03-2005 14:27

held for over 7 hours
During Mayday 2001, police trapped protestors in Oxford Circus for 7 hours without access toilets, food or water.

Nearly four years later, the High Court has rejected compensation claims by Lois Austin and Geoffrey Saxby who claimed they had been ilegally imprisoned and that their "right to liberty" under the European Convention on Human Rights had been breached when they were held for over seven hours along with thousands of other people.

There are around 150 other claims by people held by the police operation which are depending on the test case outcome.

The pair have been given leave to appeal and say they will do so.

The full judgement will soon be available here:

03/TLQ/0350 Austin v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis

03/TLQ/0411 Saxby v Same

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Never Mind the Academy, Here's the Packers Field Fun Day!

22-03-2005 23:05

As part of the campaign to save Bristol's open spaces from private development, a community fun day is being held at PACKERS FIELD, WHITEHALL on Easter Monday. Support the Packers campaign for Town Green status, and show that leisure can be self-organised, fun and free. Join us from 12 - 5pm.

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Institute For Autonomy - Solidarity Kitchen

22-03-2005 11:59

Open for lunch 12-3pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
76-78 Gower Street, WC1

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Interview with the City Mined collective on alternative use of our urban spaces

21-03-2005 16:01

Listen to an an interview of Jim Seger of City mind about alternative ways to access and play with our urban surroundings.

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G8 Independent / Alternative Media Convergence, London May 14-15

20-03-2005 22:35

G8 SUMMIT 2005

WHERE : London
WHEN : May 14 - 15
HOST : Indymedia UK (

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American Beauty

20-03-2005 19:16

The concept of 'embodiment' is not an easy one to make sense of - but in using it to explore how America is perceived around the world, Yakoub Islam began to understand why he no longer feels at home on the Muslim Wake Up website.

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New Social Centre opening

18-03-2005 12:01

Institute For Autonomy :: For a life of dignity without capitalism

76-78 Gower Street, London WC1
Opening Saturday 19th March – 7pm til 1am
Café :: films :: music :: info-shop :: kids space

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The Radical Feminist’s Palimpsest

16-03-2005 20:38

[TGP News] 16 March 2005

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15-03-2005 12:32

The people at Maelstrom have decided to put together a Fanzine compiling all the successes and losses of the Maelstrom project.

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A visit to Hockerton Housing Project

15-03-2005 12:08

Lovely place!
The Hockerton Housing Project is the UK's first earth sheltered, self-sufficient ecological housing development. When you arrive, it's also invisible. Set on 20 acres of reclaimed Nottingham farmland, the only hint that five homes are there is a black line at the crest of a bank – it transpires that these are solar panels. Earth sheltered indeed.

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we need urgently DV tapes to film what its happening in Parliament Square today

13-03-2005 13:48

we need urgently DV tapes to film what its happening in Parliament Square today

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Morsgail Estate Strike Again

10-03-2005 17:09

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NEW Centre 13 Social Centre

10-03-2005 16:32

A new social centre has opened up in Birmingham, exhibiting local artists work and promoting alternative energy.

Open day - 12 march