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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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IMC Party photos at Camden Center

16-10-2004 12:26

Some photos from the party in the indymedia space at the Camden Center.

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Police at Ramparts

16-10-2004 11:28

About a dozen police have been reported outside Ramparts, Rampart St, E1.

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Police Presence At ESF Accommodation

16-10-2004 10:24

Between 9am and 10am there has been a build up of police presence outside a building being used to accomodate people who are attending the ESF and Autonomous Spaces.

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Indymedia Centre @ Camden Centre (pics)

16-10-2004 02:18

Pics of the Indymedia Centre @ the Camden Centre on Friday 15th October 2004.

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Circle Line Party Report

15-10-2004 22:48

A circle line party was announced for this evening and got prevented by the
police. Returning Partygoers gave indymedia reports:

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Justice for the Canary Wharf cleaners!

15-10-2004 18:56

Samba band craziness
Led by the Samba band, a group of protesters turned up at Canary Wharf today to shout their support for a fair wage for the workers in the Canary Wharf buildings. An injunction had been obtained in the days leading up to the protest by the owners of the Canary Wharf complex to prevent the protest taking place. This may have diminished the numbers in attendance but it did not make the issue, or the protest, go away... As a spokesman for the Transport and General Workers Union said before the protest: "Canary Wharf is home to some of the most successful and powerful banks in the world. But it is content to let its contract cleaners be paid poverty wages, no sick pay, 15 days holiday and no pension. This demonstration will allow workers to show their support for Wharf cleaners."

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Launch of BEyONdTV minature cinema

13-10-2004 19:53

Come and join the launch of the Undercurrents BEYONDTV minature cinema

A call for activist films to be screened at the European Social Forum
14th-17th October, and a call for help with the screenings.

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El Libertario / Venezuela: 9 years, 40 edition

13-10-2004 12:29

* The Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA) of Venezuela is happy to announce the upcoming (early November) release of issue # 40 of our publication El Libertario, celebrating the 9th anniversary of the CRA and our newspaper.

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ESF programme

13-10-2004 01:39

Programme for the rampART during ESF

(Final version (we hope)...)

rampART centre, 17 rampart street, london E1 2LA

[ listen to RAM Radio for the latest information about events and venues during the ESF - stay tuned in - take a radio ]

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ESF radio calling you

12-10-2004 15:48

"RAM radio, reaching the PARTS other radios can not reach..."

Over 5 times more popular than any other indymedia station online today*

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ESF video traning at rampART's

11-10-2004 11:49

a short video from ramparts video actavist traning workshop

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Bristolians go beyond the ESF

11-10-2004 10:33

A number of Bristol based groups/collectives will be participating in the independently organised events running parallel to the main ESF in London later this week, starting on Wednesday 13 October and finishing on Sunday 17.

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Starbucks to shut down website.

10-10-2004 22:24

Starbucks is cracking down on those who dare to disagree with their vision of uniform sanitised cities, where creativity simply consists of adding caramel syrup to a decaf skinny latte.

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Is Italy Behind the Theft of IMC's Servers in the UK?

10-10-2004 22:04

A translation of a French article on the shutdown and seizure of Indymedia's news servers in the UK. Follow the link to the original article in French.

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Quick motivational video for filming the ESF

09-10-2004 20:19

A video we made in one hour during the video making workshop at ECF event in Rampart Street Social centre.

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Canary Wharf Group Trying to Ban Demo During ESF

09-10-2004 00:54

PA news via Scotsman reports that Canary Wharf Group have gone to Hight Court to stop the cleaners solidarity demo next friday during the european social forum:

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STOP PRESS: Millennium Dome to be used for ESF Accomodation!

08-10-2004 00:37

Quite how the Guardian gets this scoop before the information is made public through the ESF organising email lists and committees is beyond me (ah no hold on, they're a "media partner").

Anyway this is truly quite astounding! Looks like £10 for three nights. This should sort out all of the ESF accomodation crisis on one fell sweep, amazing!

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Open Source poetry - Steal this poem!

07-10-2004 15:31

here's an excellent open source poem - originally penned by the radical Supergirly and performed at the October Hammer and Tongue poetry slam. feel free to adapt, adjust, alter, rewrite and forward forward forward..

please post any new versions below.

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IMC + Camden Centre 4 Day Media Programme for ESF

07-10-2004 15:15

Four day programme at Camden Centre + IMC info and other spaces

More workshops yet to be added - will repost when finalised this weekend.