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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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No Galloway? No Rice!

31-03-2009 10:22

Canada barred Respect MP George Galloway from entry forcing him to make his speeches from video feed from New York. Canada's fascist palookas Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney did NOT bar George Bush nor will it likely bar Condoleeza Rice when she comes to Calgary May 13.

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The G20 Convergence Space Has Been Occupied!!

28-03-2009 05:45

outside new building
A building in central London (shoreditch) has been occupied for the anti-G20 mobilisation.

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callout to take out in the 'housing and autonomous spaces' bloc on 1 April

27-03-2009 14:26

Join the housing march @ G20 Meltdown
1st April (Financial Fools Day)
Meet at Cannon St. train station at 11AM and bring a pillow with you

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Public Investment for Private Profit?

26-03-2009 18:17

How come the corporate media can report the building of a canal in Liverpool City Centre without any analysis of its true meaning?

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Spanish Academics Criticize University Reforms (Trans)

26-03-2009 13:31

Declaration of university professors and researchers concerning the strike called for the 12th of March by the student movement against the current university reform (Plan Bologna)

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NO CCTV Meeting - 30th March, 8pm The Mitre, High St, Oxford

26-03-2009 01:14

No CCTV Oxford's next meeting.

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RTF Warmup benefit at the Ramparts

25-03-2009 14:01

On Friday April 3rd.

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Island in thames occupied as urgent eco action

24-03-2009 19:53

An island has been squatted in Kingston for the last month. Needs your help.

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Grasping A Trillion Dollars

24-03-2009 17:42

Do we really understand the true scope of $1 trillion? We better, since our government is spending trillions of our taxpayer dollars on bailing out failing businesses!

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Sheffield Occupation - 1 week, 2 buildings!

24-03-2009 09:59

As the Sheffield University occupation in solidarity with the people of Palestine enters its second week, the University management are still trying to squirm out of negotiating, and the occupiers are now in control of one of the University's flagship buildings.

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Call for support from eco-conference island on the River Thames

22-03-2009 01:03

Sowing Seeds
We are establishing a shared Eco Community Conference Centre run by volunteers and run on a donations basis to promote inclusivity. We are collectively developing a facility that can actually meet the urgent need for environmental awareness on sustainability. Responding to Agenda 21 from the Rio Earth Summit and following right through to the forthcoming Copenhagen Summit.

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500th day celebration for keeping Tescos off Mill Road

21-03-2009 22:06

The bigger picture...
Today a small milestone in community activism was reached when the 500th day of being able keep Tescos off Mill Road was reached.

To mark this occasion, tables, chairs and stalls were set up in front of the old Wilco premises and a street party took place, replete with music.

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art of architecture

20-03-2009 17:26

A retrospective of Le Corbusier, the most influential architect of the 20th century, has opened at London's Barbican Centre this week. Corbusier rose to prominence in the 1940s as a pioneer of Modernism. His urban planning theories have been developed in much of the world.

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Berlin: United We Stay!

15-03-2009 11:15

A translation of a statement written by the organizers of the United We Stay collective, which held a large demonstration in Berlin yesterday to bring attention to the gentrification of the city.

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Birmingham Palestine solidarity workshop this Monday 16th March

13-03-2009 21:50

Palestine workshop "The history of the occupation, advocacy and effective solidarity" on Monday 16th March at 7.30pm, at the new autonomous space at 138 Pershore Road, just behind Edgbaston Cricket Ground.

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National Squat Meet is ON

13-03-2009 14:54

Millions homed inside your mansions - thats our vision of expansion!

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Important G20 update from the Camp for Climate Action

13-03-2009 13:29

What follows is an important update about timing and texting for everyone
attending the Climate Camp in London's Square Mile, April 1 during the G20 Please forward this to your mates and any
lists you are on.

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RampArt eviction attempt - in pictures

12-03-2009 17:33

photos of todays eviction attempt of the london RampArt social center

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Occupied spaces film nights

12-03-2009 13:03

London Indymedia Cinema presents...

Two nights of films on occupied spaces