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Vortex Social Centre Eviction update

02-02-2007 14:53

Vortex Social Centre was supposed to in court today, (Friday 2nd feb) to clarify the legal status of the private bailiff company and their right to carried out evictions.

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Radley Lakes Video

02-02-2007 12:25

This video can be used for public screenings. A massive campaign by local people has been ignored by both company and the authorities. Oxfordshire County Council has so far facilitated npower's dumping. The habitat is home to many protected species, including water voles and rare orchids. There have been reported sightings of otters.

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Art Exchange destruction

30-01-2007 16:17

The Art exchange on Radford Road is being torn down.

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Cyclist who refused to stay in the gutter wins re-trial

30-01-2007 10:50

Last year cyclist Daniel Cadden was stopped by police for cycling in the road. They said he should have been cycling in the gutter. The case went to trial, and a celebrity loony juge ruled that Daniel should have been cycling on an off-road path, and fined him for obstructing traffic. Daniel recently appealed and won the re-trial.

Speaking outside court, Daniel Cadden said: “I am overjoyed that the ludicrous decision to prosecute me has been overturned. The recognition in this case must go to the real heroes, all those people who have supported it either financially by giving to the Cyclists Defence Fund, by joining CTC or by sending messages of support to myself and my family. Without the support of these people this fight would not have been possible. The overwhelming sum donated to the Cyclists Defence Fund has been testament to the solidarity shown by the cycling community on this issue. This success serves to reaffirm cyclists’ right to decide when to use cycle facilities and when they are inappropriate or dangerous. The first judgement was unreasonable in denying this.”

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Photos: Barbara Tucker banned & arrested

30-01-2007 00:41

Credit: Marc Vallée, 2006. -
Barbara Tucker the peace protester was arrested outside Downing Street tonight (29.01.07) after a court told her today that she was banned from entering the SOCPA zone.

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Events at Cowley Club, Brighton

28-01-2007 17:53

Here is the latest list of events at the Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton, East Sussex.

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Critical Mass London January ride.

27-01-2007 12:25

You never know what the police are going to do next on the London ride. They clamp down on some things and relax on others from one month to the next and from one part of the ride to another. 'Shambolic' is perhaps the word that best describes their behaviour. They seem at times to behave more like Anarchists than the riders. You would think with their radios they could at least arrive at some sort of a consensus. In addition to our usual police overkill the Forward Intelligence Team were also in attendance at the South Bank, poking their cameras in people's faces. All this just because of a bike ride!

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Video of Protest at Manchester magistrates court over Police Rave Riot

27-01-2007 03:47

This video shows two things clearly. One is that there were definately a lot of out of control Police actions happening at the break up of the squatted warehouse in bellevue on the 20th Jan. Another is that visiting court nowadays is a privilledge not a right.

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SchNEWS 573 with Social Centre Spoof

27-01-2007 00:15

Rave Casualty Support Group
SchNEWS 573 is the first issue produced from the Cowley Club, Brighton's autonomous social centre. To celebrate this we have done a spoof of an events listing at a typical British social centre

Disclaimer: This spoof is not about the Cowley Club - it is more generic - though there's an occasional reference to it.

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ex-vortex eviction thwarted this morning (pics and film)

26-01-2007 16:50

vortex occupation........
police intervened to establish that the bailiffs had uncertain legal grounds to evict the occupied social centre in stoke newington this morning. unpopular local landlord richard midda will have to return to court to get written clarification before he can make another attempt to evict the site.

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WSF in Kenya stormed by slum kids

26-01-2007 12:53

pics from Indymedia Belgium
Reuters reports that the people from the slums invaded the WSF in Kenya whilst refusing to pay the entrance fee. According to Reuters' account the kids then continued to raid the canteen.

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locals turn out in force to support the ocupation of Vortex

26-01-2007 10:20

From 8.30am around 70-80 people, the majority local residents, turned out to support the resistance to the threatened eviction of the Vortex Occupied Social Centre. The owner, Richard Midda, a well known thug and property developer threatened to use force to evict the occupiers if they did not leave by 9.00am.

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Unlawful eviction planned for Vortex Social Centre tomorrow (Friday 26th Jan)

25-01-2007 17:07

We need as many people in the building at to ensure the security of the social centre against the bailiffs. Please circulate this widely and let as many people as possible know.

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No to Starbucks in Stokie

25-01-2007 13:57

Public meeting tonight @ Vortex Social Centre against letting the social centre get evicted to make way for a Starbucks in Stoke Newington.

All welcome.

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N London Social Centre needs help now!

24-01-2007 13:51

The squatted Vortex social centre has been fending off an illegal eviction attempt this morning. There is a call out for folks to help tonight and tomorrow morning

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Aesthetics and Radical Politics conference - Manchester - 3rd Feb

21-01-2007 22:50

Saturday 3rd Feb - a one day conference at Manchester University, open to everyone, to meet and discuss the possibilties in and connections between aesthetics and radical politics.

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Events at the Vortex Social Centre: Jan 22nd to Jan 27th

21-01-2007 19:16

Vortex Social Centre
139-141 Stoke Newington Church Street
Stoke Newington

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manchester riots

21-01-2007 09:50

last night the a57 was closed off for sevral hours due to an inopropirate response by police to ravers walking to a wharehouse party.

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remember MLK day, etc

19-01-2007 17:21

numerous events happening, includes afternoon do at the friends meeting house, euston rd, 4pm saturday.
despite seeming incorporation into media "sainthood", plenty is in the actual history to cause new thinking - so - in the spirit of the "remember the eleventh" campaign - 2 extra facts to remember . . . .

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New London Social Centre

19-01-2007 03:01

New Occupied Social Centre
139-141 Stoke Newington Church Street
(old Vortex Jazz bar)