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have a non-commercial xmas at rampART

24-12-2005 18:26

Tonight at rampART (15 rampart street), settle down for a night of mulled wine, vegan xmas cake, Tim Burton films and non-commerical gift exchange.

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Broadway market campaign continues... Come and suport!

23-12-2005 11:03

Despite the eviction of Tony's cafe on Broadway Market on Wednesday, we are going to go on fighting for Tony to get his place back and to defend Spirit's shop. This isn't the end, it's just the beginning.... Please come to our Xmas Party on Tuesday at 1pm.

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Photoshop for freedom - how YOU can beat the Parliament Square crackdown!

22-12-2005 13:42

This is just another idea for how we might work to highlight the absurdity of Blair's criminalisation of peaceful protests in Parliament Square.

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South East Wales anarchist newsletter

22-12-2005 11:37

latest issue of South east Wales anarchist Newsletter 'Gagged!', now on double figures...

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Parliament Square carol service mentioned on Radio 4 news

21-12-2005 18:46

BBC Radio 4 6pm news gave a few minutes to cover tonight's carol singing in Parliament Square:

No arrests so far apparently...

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Thursday night free cinema - Fallujah, War Of The Worlds

21-12-2005 14:03

The rampART social centre now has a stunning video projector setup thanks to a kind donation. The setup utilises a 8ft wide screen, full blackout, half decent sound (not 5.1 surround sound but what activists videos have that anyway) and seating for about 80 people.

This thursday, the second of the relaunched rampART free cinema gets into the christmass spirit and brings you the shocking RAI TV documentary 'Fallujah - the hidden massacre'. We'll also be screening some little seen video propaganda from Iraqi insurgents for a view of the other side. Enough reality, we'll screen classic clips from the ultimate war film of all time, 'Apocalypse Now' then enjoy the mass distraction of the 2005 remake of War Of The Worlds.

Films start 8pm SHARP

Entry FREE. Popcorn etc available.

15 rampart street, London,

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URGENT - Protest against eviction on Broadway Market 6pm today

21-12-2005 11:43

Francesca's Café in Broadway Market, Hackney has been evicted today from 7am. There will be a local show of solidarity against the eviction outside the Café at 6pm this evening, please come and show your anger and support.

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Parliament Square, 6pm today - will we be arrested for singing Christmas Carols?

21-12-2005 10:00

Will Tony Blair arrest us for singing songs of peace and goodwill in Parliament Square? Christmas Carol concert will test the limits of government free speech ban.

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Season's Greetings and pass the amunition

21-12-2005 08:45

Armed police were again out on the streets of Nottingham city centre yesterday

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21-12-2005 07:19

After 2 weeks of occupation against gentrification, by an inspiring coalition of locals and activists the cafe on broadway market has just started to be evicted - call came at 7am -- please come down to 34 broadway market, London Fields, Hackney - as soon as you can .

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Sussex University LGBT

21-12-2005 00:06

A student at Sussex University has just created a discussion forum as part of a new online community for their LGBT group

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Infousurpa n4

20-12-2005 17:58

Weekly independent poster of activities of london's social centres

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Solidarity Cafe Night - Thurs 22 Dec - Broadway Market occupation

20-12-2005 09:20

Solidarity Cafe Night -Thursday 22 December

Tony's Cafe
34 Broadway Market
Hackney E8
7pm onwards.

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Winter Solstice Celebration @ Asbo Community Centre

19-12-2005 17:50

Come along and celebrate. The days are getting longer and a new year is coming on!

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Crush christmas Consumer Chaos Cardiff

19-12-2005 14:03

outside starbucks
Depressed looking Santa's roamed Cardiff city centre shops amid pre-christmas consumer frenzy

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Philosopher's and Memetic Engineers Wanted

19-12-2005 12:50

Philosopher's and Memetic Engineers wanted for the submission of their concepts, political analysis, mind viruses and memes, for the "now-back-online-being-switched-off"

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UPDATE: Romanian Social Centre UNDER THREAT!

17-12-2005 18:51

As detailed in previous articles on Indymedia, the social/cultural centre INCA in Timisoara, Romania, is under threat of eviction and desperately needs support. To send a protest email will only take a few minutes.

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WRONG WAR! - Rock Against War SSAW Benefit Gig

17-12-2005 13:55

Tonight at the rampART, School Students Against The War present 'Wrong War'.

From 8pm

15 rampart street london E1 2LA

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Homeless film night at The Common Place

16-12-2005 14:40

During December and at the peak of the shopping season, The Common Place will be hosting a number of events for the city’s homeless. We invite you to an evening of films and discussion around homelessness in Britain.

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16-12-2005 14:30

Copy-Left showing "The Constant Gardener"