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have a non-commercial xmas at rampART

rampart | 24.12.2005 18:26 | Free Spaces | London

Tonight at rampART (15 rampart street), settle down for a night of mulled wine, vegan xmas cake, Tim Burton films and non-commerical gift exchange.

At the rampART social centre we'll be celebraing xmas by not having bought into the consumer hype and instead will be exchanging unwanted, recycled, found or home made gifts with whoever else would like to take part.

We'll be gathering from 8pm. Bring a wrapped gift to exchange with a randomly choosen person (no purchases, that's cheating!).

There'll be mulled wine, a special vegan xmas cake, music and films from Tim Burton - Nightmare Before Xmas and The Corpse Bride - so come along and hang out.