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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Prague (CZ): We all are unadapted!

08-09-2009 15:09

Media, politicians, neo-Nazis and even "decent people" have united in order to bring to light today's biggest threat: the unadapted. The abusive characterization has began to live its own life. It is used for denouncing anyone who is not a favorite: Roma, squatters, ravers, the poor...

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Mainshill Solidarity Camp Newsletter no. 1 out now!

07-09-2009 09:37

After two and a half months of occupying the site here's what has been going on at the camp and in the community, and an update of other community action on coal in Scotland.

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eco activists search for support base for protest sites

06-09-2009 08:32

a collective of environmental activists in london is looking for a site to use as a long term support base for the protest sites in britain.

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RTF 5 - Reclaim the Future 5 - 5 Sept 2009

05-09-2009 10:06

RTF 5 - Reclaim the Future 5 - is most definitely happening, details of venue follow

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locals disrupt Repco car rally in Australia

04-09-2009 13:30

protest pic
Locals have disrupted a car rally passing through a sensitive wildlife area of Australia.

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Self-managed park in Athens under attack by police

04-09-2009 08:17

criminal police roam free
About 1-1.30 am: 3-4 police jeeps tried to invade Messolongiou street, in Exarchia. the people who were there resisted throwing things at them. Police forces from different directions tried to encircle the area. Tear-gas is reported to have been used near the self-organized Navarinu park. Somebody reports that about 2 persons are held by the police near the area.

Full article - The Online Book Project

03-09-2009 22:58 - the first Online Book Project in the Internet is accomplished:
where many different users can become creative in an online community.

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Mainshill Solidarity Camp Update: two and a half months on

02-09-2009 08:37

It's the fort that counts
Over two and a half months ago the Mainshill Solidarity Camp was set up on the site of a new open cast coal mine at Mainshill Wood, in support of the local communities efforts to oppose the project and Scottish Coal’s plans, and in defiance of planning approval granted by South Lanarkshire Council.

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Callout for 2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009

01-09-2009 00:41

This is a call out to people involved in squats and autonomous spaces for 2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009 around housing and the creation of more autonomous spaces at this time of crisis.

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Sumac Garden Project, looking verdant 2 [Food for the Future]

30-08-2009 20:23

Folks have been beavering away in the Sumac Yard Garden. Watching your garden grow.

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Bristol Co-Mutiny - What's Happening!

30-08-2009 09:46

In Bristol and surrounds, a diverse bunch of enraged creative, dreamers and schemers, builders and gardeners, workers, students and unemployed have been drawn together by the common threads of our indignation at how a combination of corporate greed, social injustice and environmental degradation is leading us all towards climate chaos and financial collapse.

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Devon housing association installs spy cameras in flats

29-08-2009 08:42

The Riviera Housing Trust in Torquay is fitting over 100 cameras in corridors and staircases at its flats in Pendennis Rd. They claim it is to improve security, but residents have accused them of Big Brother tactics. The cameras will cost £375,000 and rents may be increased to pay for them.

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Climate camp sets up in Blackheath

26-08-2009 14:29

Climateswoop has descended on Blackheath, and begun to set up camp. Tripods and banners are up, and fencing is being erected as people join from the various climate swoops around London

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Yoga this Weds @ JB Spray Factory, Russell St, Nottingham

25-08-2009 22:04

After the success of the previous event, there is another Yoga class at the squatted JB Spray factory, Russell St, Nottingham.

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Bovis Lend Lease and Saifee Dubar: The Saudi Experiment

24-08-2009 17:30

Bovis Lend Lease and Saifee Dubar experiment with universal housing in Saudi Arabia. Is your tower block next?

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An Afternoon @ The Ravens Ait Island Occupation Ecological Community Centre

24-08-2009 17:03

Ravens Ait Island was occupied and an ecological community centre was created - negotaitons were in process with Kingston council when on 1st May 2009
around 4.15am this morning around 100 commandos stormed Ravens Ait island
they arrived in 27 black zodiac inflatables

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An extended deadline – PAWS for thought…not oil

21-08-2009 09:53

Ancient woodland is under threat from oil drilling and we need your help to try and save it!

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Brian Haw Parliament Square anti-war vigil - Day 3000 - pics

20-08-2009 00:27

Brian with fellow square residents Barbara and Aqil
Brian has been standing vigil and camping and campaigning for peace opposite the Houses of Parliament in Parliament Square, Westminster, London for 3000 days, since June 2, 2001.

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Guerrilla Gardening for Clowns

18-08-2009 13:01

The world of permaculture meets rebel clowning.

This is a two-day workshop where people can learn the ancient art of clowning and methods of direct action in the context of permaculture design.