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UG#642 - Living a 3-Dimensional Life (Living Moneyless, Walden #1)

24-05-2013 03:16

A poem by Wendell Berry starts us off on a differently paced, more musical set of episodes this episode. As a counter to what Jacques Fresco terms 'base articiality of materialism and mindless consumption' we weave a tapestry of thoughts including those from iconoclastic earthy thinkers including Suelo, the moneyless resident of a Utah desert from whom we heard in episode 600 and the American Transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau.

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Brighton squat trial resumes tomorrow

23-05-2013 14:28

The squat trial which began in April resumes tomorrow in Brighton, come down to see s144 get the bashing it deserves.

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A Mayday of the fluffier variety goes down a storm in Sussex county town!

03-05-2013 12:33

Local Lewes squatters open a social centre/donation based vegetable shop and tea room as part of the Stop G8 national network and call for anti-capitalist actions on May 1st 2013!

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On Known and Unknown Self (dis) Organisation.

01-05-2013 21:47

The Asylum Strike is a historical moment of self-organisation where the undocumented and illegalised have manifest as a force on their own terms and shown the ability to go on the offensive against the state and racism in the heart of Western Europe and therefore on these same terms against international capitalism.

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May 6th Greek Info Night @ Pogo Cafe

30-04-2013 20:27

Greek Info Night. Monday 6th May. 7.30pm

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ZAD, Commune, Metropolis

28-04-2013 18:16

(The following account was written by a media collective based in the UK and Montreal. Much has been changed in order to present a coherent picture. It was written after several months of travel. All errors are the fault of the authors.)

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Questions over the future of the peace camp - skillshare gathering on 3-5th May

25-04-2013 14:13

Faslane peace camp is at risk of closing from lack of residents and support for the four of us who live here. We sent out an open letter inviting people to come to the camp and support us and would like to announce a skillshare gathering from 3-5th of may including direct action workshops and site skills.

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Brighton: Statement At Adjournment of Squat Trial

24-04-2013 16:24

A packed gallery sees two squatters freed and the case of the third adjourned..

Trial background -

Law background -

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South London benefit gig for REEL NEWS Sunday April 28th

24-04-2013 14:28

e-flyer. SPREAD!!
This month we have a double headliner of two political folk legends at our usual venue in Sunny Stockwell.

Leon Rosselson has penned some of the best known radical ballads of the past few decades amongst those The World Turned Upside Down is one of the best known having been covered by artists like Billy Bragg and sung around literally millions of protest camp fires. Click below for his take on the last general election.

Robb Johnson has released hundreds of songs over many years and plays gigs up and down the country. With top tunes like Moron Land and We All Said Stop The War his reputation coninues to grow. Click below for his eulogy to Thatcher.

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s144 - Damned Lies and No Useful Statistics

20-04-2013 22:29

To tie in with the courtcase starting Monday in Brighton, when three squatters are going on trial under s144 and will not be pleading guilty, here's some analysis of the criminalisation of squatting in England and Wales..

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Resistance is Fertile- One Account From the Zad

18-04-2013 18:06

An extract from an article written by a Combatant at the Zad.

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Residential Squatting trial coming up!

18-04-2013 15:35

3 People have been charged in Brighton with squatting a residential building. The trial starts on Monday 22nd April. Come and show your support!

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Mike Weatherly - Mr Hollywood?

17-04-2013 17:21

In the week before the trial of three Brighton squatters for the new law of squatting in a residential premesis we were sent this letter from a concerned Hove resident.

Mike Weatherley is the MP that fought hardest to criminalise residential squatting.

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Not quite the rumoured Anti-Thatcher demo in Brum!

13-04-2013 20:01

I had travelled to Victoria Square in Birmingham for a rumoured gathering to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher.

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eviction of the famous "Z.A.M"(Autonomy Zone Milano) in Milan

09-04-2013 12:17

here you can find the public notice in English, Spanish, French, Deutsch version

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BarnCamp 2013 rural skillsharing gathering

06-04-2013 20:20

BarnCamp 2013 Flyer
HacktionLab are pleased to announce that BarnCamp is back in 2013 on the 7th, 8th and 9th of June. Camping for up to four nights high up in the Wye Valley on an organic farm co-operative with food included for £35 (£32 in advance, and concessions also available on asking).

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Get off your high horse

01-04-2013 07:12

The author team known as `Huppes Kemp` has been writing articles and books about the much needed game change of the Dutch social healthcare sector for a great many years. In the Financieele Dagblad among other publications, Huppes Kemp is fostering the political will to unleash credit jobs.

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South London benefit gig on Easter Sunday with Captain Hotknives.

27-03-2013 18:19

He's back!
We've been dormant for a while so it seems only fair to return with a blinding showcase combining our top act and some new faces at our favourite venue. Headlining is the utterly brilliant and extremely funny Captain Hotknives with support from Feralus (all girl folk threesome) and Grant Sharkey (Comedy double bass maestro) we'll also have our charity raffle with the worst prizes in the universe (Teen Wolf 2 on VHS anyone?) and a late bar as the following day is a bank holiday. All proceeds will go to the extremely worthy REEL NEWS team to continue their guerrilla war on the corporate media. Details and links below. E-flyer attached bring yourselves and your mates!

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Greek Anarchist Prisoner & Squat Benefit - Nottingham

24-03-2013 15:35

"Let's not give free reign to our jailers, strike the tiger's heart every day, in every way, according to our differences, against the sadness and solitude of our cells of confinement." - Os Cangaceiros